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New Quantum Break Video: Interesting Reveals and Solid Gameplay

Remedy Entertainment revealed a full gameplay demo video for the exciting new action game Quantum Break. Last August at Gamescom, Remedy revealed an eight-minute slice of gameplay video. Earlier this week, a new video was released with full narration by creative director Sam Lake. The latest video offers a greater chunk of footage from the Gamescom release and a greater glimpse of the game than the footage Remedy revealed at Gamescom. Quantum Break continues to look more exciting with each video. In each video release, Remedy and Sam Lake present more insight on the plot. Other developers could learn a thing or two from this strategy.

The new extended gameplay video is set around the midpoint of the game. Sam Lake discloses that a time experiment has essentially crippled the time stream. Two people, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, are attempting to save time from collapsing in on itself. Their old partner or researcher, Paul Serene, is the head of a nefarious organization known as Monarch. For some reason, Monarch is attempting to prevent their plans. According to Lake, Serene disappeared during the time experiment, but later reappeared 17 years older as the villainous corporate head of Monarch.

The video sequence begins with Joyce stuck in a warehouse and in communication with his comrade Beth. Joyce wants Beth to try to pick him up by an old pier. Unfortunately for Joyce, Monarch forces have created a road block on a bridge that leads to the pier. Protesters reveal Joyce’s position to the Monarch forces, and Joyce is forced to cross the bridge. Next, the video launches into some of the same footage from Gamescom, with Lake’s added narration. Thankfully, Lake provides good insight about what is happening. The instances where time seems to stop in the game are called “Stutters.” Stutters are events in which time is starting to collapse. Apparently, Joyce has the ability to go through and observe the Stutters. Of course, Monarch soldiers armed with special armor possess the ability as well.

Following the end of the footage shown at Gamescom, the new video showcases the aftermath of the fight. The tanker ship crashes into the bridge in a massive, catastrophic disaster. However, another time Stutter occurs. Here is where a more platform sequence occurs. In the platform sequence, Joyce has to navigate through the chaos of the debris and explosions from the crash. Debris and objects frozen in time are stuck in mid-air. Joyce uses these objects to try and navigate away from danger. The action and gameplay for Quantum Break remind me of the Uncharted series, except with a more sci-fi bent. I really enjoy how the new video showcases more of the adventure aspects, and how Joyce may interact with objects and debris during the time Stutters.

Quantum Break is due out exclusively for Xbox One later in 2015.

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