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Latest Far Cry 4 Trailer: a James Bond-esque Experience

Far Cry 4

Ubisoft recently released the latest trailer for Far Cry 4, “Survive Kyrat.” Whether intentional or not, in viewing the latest trailer, the game look like a James Bond 007 movie. The new trailer comes complete with a pop cover of the song, “I Will Survive,” which also emits a heavy James Bond vibe. I am curious if the producers of the game see Far Cry 4 as their take on a James Bond-like adventure for the franchise.

I really do not have a problem with the connection or the possibility that Ubisoft took inspiration for the Far Cry franchise from the James Bond franchise. The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon expansion lovingly embraced 1980s action movie kitsch and tropes to great effect. It is quite possibly one of the greatest pieces of video game downloadable content or standalone expansion content ever made.

The action setpieces and visuals in the latest trailer look outstanding. The developers definitely upped the ante in terms of epic locations and action sequences. Case in point–Ajay Ghale having to outrun an avalanche in a snowmobile. Then he must go over a cliff to escape the avalanche to make a death-defying escape. Similar sequences were depicted in the James Bond films The World is Not Enough, A View to a Kill, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Surface. Another moment sees Ghale kicking an enemy soldier to a motorized vehicle and then blowing it up to cause an explosion. A similar beat was depicted in Casino Royale. It is hard to believe those moments are not some type of homage to the James Bond franchise.

Then you also have to look at the villain Pagan Min. Min has a flamboyant outfit, sociopathic tendencies, an air of charm and superiority. Not to mention, Min is also a ruthless dictator. He comes off more like the prototypical Bond villain than any other adversary in the Far Cry series; at least more so than Vaas in Far Cry 3.

The trailer also featured quite a great deal of abstract, fantastical visuals. That footage in particular, coupled with the methodical auto-tuned music, reinforces the James Bond inspirations. The footage of the surreal imagery looks right at home with the visuals of the famous opening credit sequences for James Bond movies. In terms of context, I realize the footage is probably from hallucinations that Ajay Ghale will likely experience in the game.

Far Cry 4 hits the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC in North America and Europe on November 18.

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