Celebrities Before and After a Surgery took Place to Handle some Things on Their Face

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Very often celebrities decide to go on a surgery in order to fix something they don’t like. This is how they keep up with their ages and look younger than you on 50 or 60 years.

Probably their motto is to handle things before mother nature and father time take their part into their lives.

Some of them look better and younger after the surgery, but some are a total disaster. You won’t even recognize them.

If you ask me, looking good after a plastic surgery is only a temporary thing before something new comes up for fixing.

Let’s see these celebrities who have had a little work done on them in order to look younger and healthier than the normal people on their age.

1. Carrot Top

1. Carrot Top

2. Angelina Jolie2. Angelina Jolie

3. Mickey Rourke3. Mickey Rourke

4. Donatello Versace4. Donatello Versace

5. Scarlett Johansson5. Scarlett Johansson

6. Pamela Anderson6. Pamela Anderson

7. Janice Dickinson7. Janice Dickinson

8. Megan Fox8. Megan Fox

9. Kenny Rogers9. Kenny Rogers

10. Sarah J. Parker10. Sarah J. Parker

11. Burt Raynolds11. Burt Raynolds

12. Janet Jackson12. Janet Jackson

13. Melanie Griffith13. Melanie Griffith

14. Dolly Parton14. Dolly Parton

15. Lindsey Lohan15. Lindsey Lohan

16. Michael Jackson16. Michael Jackson

17. Lil Kim17. Lil Kim

18. Meg Ryan18. Meg Ryan

19. Jessica Simpson19. Jessica Simpson

20. Sylvester Stallone21. Sylvester Stallone

21. Wayne Newton21. Wayne Newton


Some of them didn’t have to do a surgery.

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