EA Sports UFC: New Content Update is Fantastic

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EA Sports has announced a new free content update for EA Sports UFC, which features three new UFC fighters and some exciting, new gameplay features. The three new fighters for the content update include welterweight “The Immortal” Matt Brown (ranked No. 5), welterweight Mike Pyle (ranked No. 15) and No. 6-ranked heavyweight Stipe Miocic. Counting the fighters from the first content update, EA Sports has now incorporated three out of my top five most desired fighter choices to the game’s growing roster. You can check out the three new fighters for the game in the latest content update trailer in the player below.

Besides the new fighters, the update also features new additions to the gameplay. The new features include a kick catching technique, manual taunt controls and TKO stoppages by the referee. As a huge MMA fan, I am excited about the new features that help make EA Sports an even better, more polished MMA fighting sim.

Initially, I was quite disappointed with the roster size for EA Sports UFC. It was smaller than the initial roster size for UFC Undisputed 3–even before that game had additional fighters added via downloadable content. I realize that UFC Undisputed 3 was the third installment in that particular franchise under the THQ banner. However, EA Sports UFC was the first UFC game released under the EA banner, and it was developed exclusively for the new-gen consoles. With that in mind, from a hardcore UFC fan perspective, EA Sports really should have started its series with a huge bang. That said, the free content updates with new fighters added to the roster provide a nice consolation prize after my earlier misgivings with the final product.

Kick catching and manual taunts are a great addition to the gameplay. When kicks are thrown, fighters often leave themselves vulnerable to takedowns, trips or even a knockdown. It is awesome to have this type of technique in the game. I like the idea of the manual taunts. Opponents who taunt mid-bout sometimes stun their opponents; or in Anderson Silva’s case in his first fight with Chris Weidman, pay dearly for it. This is an accurate representation of behavior fighters display in their bouts.

My favorite of the new features is the tweaked TKO stoppage feature. Basically, a referee in a simulated match will now move in to stop the fight if the fighter getting hit is taking too many fights without moving or improving his position. This is another accurate and realistic aspect of MMA fights. For a fight to be stopped, a fighter does not actually have to be completely unconscious. If a fighter is hit by too many strikes without improving his/her position and without showing some sort of “intelligent defense,” the fight will be stopped. This is a crucial aspect that, in my humble opinion, represents the safety of MMA. I am ecstatic to see that EA Sports has incorporated this element into EA Sports UFC.

EA Sports is now available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The second free content update is also available for digital download for both consoles.

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  1. Yeah I have own every ufc title to date and this year is by far the best. I do wish for more fights but let’s be honest. When playing online people really only play with a hand for of fighters. And now with this latest update. Plays can no longer just hold block on bottom to get the ref to stand it up.

    1. I imagine it is because there just aren’t enough female fighters in the game’s roster to cover that in Career Mode. If not, that’s something else they need to fix.