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These Dogs are Too Tired and Lazy to Continue to do What They Need to Do. Hilarious GIFs

Dogs are really funny. I don’t know whether I’m saying this because I love dogs or because I saw these GIFs that made my day better.

I had a good laugh at the tiredness and laziness of these dogs.

They are men’s best friend and they are always here to keep you entertained. It doesn’t matter if they do that on purpose or not they will cheer you up.

These dogs with funny collars might look active at first, but after few seconds they are falling down like wounded warriors.

Here is what made me laugh hard at my office today.

1. Going down like a boss

2. I’m ready for walki…

3. I’ll be there… just … give me… few moments

4. Eat – Sleep – Eat – Sleep


5. Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall…

6. Give me some time and I’ll do it!

7. 100% satisfaction


8. Too much drinks last night


9. I thought I had my best dream ever

10. The lazy song is his anthem

11. I’m not moving!


12. One mug of strong coffee and a diet coke and I’ll be just fine

13. I was this close of catching that girl

14. Never again

15. Good night

16. I can keep going like this whole day

17. Duet

18. I’m not getting up! – In fact, I’m enjoying this

19. Nope, I think I’ll go to sleep now.

20. Going down in lazy style

You just don’t know if dogs are lazy or just sleepy. Either way they are really funny.

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