The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today: 22 Kids and Their Big Dogs

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You know how they say the dogs are man’s best friend.

I’ve seen many kids with their dogs, but trust me on this one: I’ve never seen something cuter than these kids with their gigantic dogs, gigantic to them although the dogs have normal height.

Some kids fear from dogs, but these look so peaceful and adorable.

Doctors sometimes say that dogs are good for kid’s development and if you have a small kid that has love for dogs than you should check with your doctor to see what dogs you should get in order to help your kids’ development.

If you have doubts about that, these photos will make you do it without any hesitation.













































See? – There is nothing bad about your kid hanging around with big dogs. They would love it.

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  1. its so cute….. I live in Brazil, I have two adopted female dogs, its so nice to see how they interact with babies…….

  2. When we had our child, my sainted mother was an absolute wreck over what our big (115lb)stupid brown lab would do to her, by accident or jealousy. He had very little exposure to children, he’d never seen an infant before. My mother was pleading with us to give the dog away.
    We were so cautious introducing them, and from the first minute they were inseparable. For that first hour he sat and just stared, sniffing, licking. He just sat and wagged his tail like this was the greatest thing he’d ever seen. He would sleep next to her on the floor, he would sit and watch her play, he would randomly walk up and lick her face while she was in her bouncy seat. As she grew and crawled she would torture him constantly, pulling his ears, his jowls, his tail…he loved it. She would eat and with a handful of whatever mush she had she would reach down to him…that hand would disappear into his mouth and come back out sparkling clean, she found this hysterical.
    A sad sad day when I had to explain to her that her dog had to be put down…she was four or five.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It makes me cry, as do the pictures with the babies and older looking dogs. They will be separated from each other too soon as your daughter and her beloved dog were. You can tell from the pictures how much those dogs love their babies.

    2. Your story was as cool as the photos.
      Fur friends don’t last a lifetime, but they make way for another beautiful soul that’s needs our love, as much as we need theirs.

    3. Not to be a downer, but my mother’s paranoia about the dog was VERY well founded…and she reminded me OFTEN to NEVER trust a dog. I always kept a close watch on my dog around my girl and around visitors to the house. The story was a terrible one….
      As a sophomore in HS we lived across the street from my school’s principal, whose wife had a baby, they shared their home with a giant sheepdog…the sweetest dog you’d ever want to meet. I spent hundreds of hours with this dog, walking it and caring for it when they were away. When their baby was a few months old, the wife leaned over the crib to pick up the baby, who squealed. The dog, protecting the baby, leapt on the wife and mauled her savagely(almost removing her entire face, to put it bluntly). She could remember clearly her face being in the dogs mouth and its teeth puncturing the skin and dislocating her jaw. This dog had never once displayed any aggressive tendencies towards anyone or any other animal.
      This man had to rush home to “rescue” his baby, and restrain the dog so it could be euthanized on the spot, then go attend to his wife who almost lost her life, and despite several surgeries, bore significant scars from this attack for the rest of her life.

      So the moral of the story was, a dog is an animal and can not be counted on to behave as anything but an animal.

      1. Humans are also animals responsible for some real tragedies. So go ahead and apply your “can’t be trusted” logic to humans, too.

        1. Human beings are rationale for the most part and arent going to snap. With animals you dont know how they may react to a certain situation. I was at a friends house and we were discussing how friendly our dogs were and we each said how the dog would probably show buglers the families valuables if they ever broke in. My friend took a ball of the ground and threw it and the dog chased and brought it back and dropped it on the floor. I picked up the ball to throw it and the dog went crazy attacking my arm and shredded my shirt sleeve like something out of a TV show. This sweet adorable dog went nuts on me. The dog didnt like me touching his ball and maybe it was my fault but the reaction was completely out of left field and my friend couldnt figure out why the dog reacted like that. It was the first time ever that the dog had ever tried to bite someone. The thing is you never know. I dont go around thinking all dogs are going to attack, but its better to be careful with animals

          1. Hold on, did you really just try to say that “Human beings are rationale for the most part and arent going to snap. With animals you dont know how they may react to a certain situation.”? Have you ever read a story about a jealous boy/girlfriend or spouse that “snapped” because their significant other was being friendly with another human? Humans are 100% capable of being territorial/over-protective and most certainly capable of “snapping”. Thanks for adding your $.02, but it’s as worthless as monopoly money in my opinion.

          2. Thanks for the kind comments. Oh sure I have read many of these stories, but for the most part those people didnt snap. They were crazy from the start and you can usually tell who these people are. Most of them have had past experiences where they have committed certain types of violence. Humans are capable of doing many bad things. However, I dont have to worry about the people in my life going nuts because I know them very well. And lucky for me, my confidence in them has been justified 100 times over. I dont know who you have been hanging out with, but my family and friends have not only helped me and my family but have taken care of us when needed. As for my dog who I loved with all heart, he was a great dog and wouldnt hurt a fly, but somone was always there when he was with my young children.

            Finally, when commenting on any story, I will be sending you a copy prior to posting . You seem to be the person who decides who opinion is worthwhile or not. You must be a very popular person since you have figured how to stick your head up your ass.

          3. This is not abnormal dog behavior. Not OK of course but not “out of left field” . We just haven’t ever been asked to look at dogs from any other point of view except our narrow one. If you have a relationship with a dog and you are above it in status then it will defer to you. If THE DOG feels you are below it in status and you take a misstep (like taking its resource in this case its ball) then you have been insubordinate and will be punished. This is how groups of canines treat each other. I wrote my book People Training for Good Dogs what breeder don’t tell you and trainers don’t teach to alert people of this type of thing so injuries like the one you suffered wouldn’t happen. Owners who have no clue of the range of normal dog behavior aren’t on top of things and then allow their guests to do things that will set an injury into motion. Dogs are HIGHLY predictable. But if you don’t know what you are looking for of course you won’t see it. Making things worse is there are too many folks who think things like this bloggers cute pictorial are adorable when what I see is lot of child endangerment photos.

          4. Well it may be normal dog behavior and not “out of left field” for someone with your experience, but for the owner of the dog and myself, it was. He had never seen the dog ever act like that so it was a definitely a reaction he never saw coming. Your point only reinforces my original comment that many people dont know how a dog my react to a certain situations. Yes I understand that you would be able to predict a dogs reaction but then again you a professional and we all dont have your experience. Most of us arent going to figure wonder if the dog thinks he is above or below us. This comment reminds me when I once ask a dog professional like yourself what to do about my Wheaten Terrier as he loved to jump up and kiss everyone who came to the house. He reply was that everyone who came to the house should lower themselves so that the dog wouldnt have to jump up in the air.

          5. I agree. It looks so darned cute, but these are really just the before pictures in the news story that has everyone asking, “Why didn’t they see that coming?”

      2. You are as ignorant as the day is long. An Obama supporter perhaps? I bet you’re one of those people who say all pit bulls are mean, am I right? Of course I am. One dog attack and you say they all can’t be trusted? Sounds quite racist to me. You should do America a favor and walk your ignorant self into heavy oncoming traffic

        1. What the hell does being an Obama supporter have to do with anything? I think this person is misguided but well intentioned, and there’s no need to bring politics into this, or racism. Wow. -.-

        2. He never said they cant be trusted, just that you always have to be careful. I would use that rule of thumb for just about anyone including dogs with (outside of a few people) who are involved with my children And yes, dogs to snap for whatever reason. As for Pitbulls, I understand the theory that they arent all crazy, I still wouldnt want want near my family. I know that their are other breeds that bite a lot more, but I would be bitten by Chihuahua than by a dog like Pitbbull

          1. “Not to be a downer, but my mother’s paranoia about the dog was VERY well founded…and she reminded me OFTEN to NEVER trust a dog”

            He did, in fact, insinuate that dogs cannot be trusted.

          2. Actually, that was the mother that said that! Snarky was just warning people and providing foundation for where the mother was coming from!

        3. what the holy f*ck. You have serious f-ing issues. I’m one of those people who says that Pitbulls are over-represented in statistics of dog attacks requiring emergency room or medical attention. They always are at the top of a list of dog’s requiring riders on Homeowners insurance policies. So yes, f*ckwit, I wouldn’t trust my family around any one of the twenty breeds you call “pitbull”. You may wish to educate yourself a bit on the statistics regarding dog attacks on their owners before you write off “One dog attack”….or maybe just stop being such a sh*tty, douchey, human being.

        1. That is the only thing that would explain that breed’s behavior. I am an expert in sheepdogs as I have raised them for 30 years.

      3. Stopppp….enjoy the story. You people take life to damn seriously. They’re cute. Smile and move on. Use some common sense people!

      4. Sheepdogs are very good with children and are very protective of their family always the youngest one. Never mess with a sheepdog doing their job. They will protect the children with their life if needed. Obviously the wife in your story did something that they are not telling you like yelling at the baby. Sheepdogs are very mellow and lazy until you hurt someone. I’ve been the recipient of a sheepdog’s protectiveness several times. I’ve had four, starting at the time I was 3, my current I was told was going to be aggressive towards my daughter because he is deaf.

        1. Why the need to anthropomorphize the dog? The woman picked up the baby and it squealed, she had the baby in her hands and could not defend herself from the dog…so suddenly the woman must be abusive to the baby? I spent a LOT of time with this animal, it never displayed any anxiety or aggression, fear based or otherwise. It’s fantastic that people love animals so much that go to such lengths to convince people that dogs are innocent and above spontaneously acting like a DOG. “oh well the person must have done……” . And this is exactly where the “it’s the owner not the breed” mentality comes from.

    4. I could have written the same story about our daughter and our beloved German Shepherd! We were lucky that they had 15 years together, though.

    1. Aaaaaand what a shame, my chips now taste of piss. Thanks for that. You may want to Google ‘immune system’ and familiarise yourself with its function.

    2. this is why children grow up to have allergies and over active immune systems. Their parents never let them be exposed to things as a kid. Bleaching everything and daily baths isnt the way to go. I grew up with a couple dogs who became my best friends and I swear I shared my ice cream a few times. I didnt get sick much as a kid and I dont get sick hardly ever now.

      1. Dogs shouldn’t be licking babies. There are plenty of other far more suitable ways to strengthen the immune systems of babies, such as putting them into daycare early and having them mix with other kids.

        1. Really, daycare ??? I will check to see if there are any scientific studies done on the effectiveness of daycare on the immune system

          1. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. Lots of research done on that one. So really, I’d be more inclined to let that dog lick my baby than you even be near it. It might catch your stupid. =P no offense. Haha

        2. Actually, if you really research the subject, dogs have fewer germs in their mouths than humans do. A dog’s saliva has antibacterial properties. The only danger comes from allowing a dog who has not received roundworm treatment to lick a child. A dog is more likely to catch a disease from a human rather than the other way around.
          And daycare? My kids were never sicker than when they were in daycare. They missed more school, had more severe colds and fever, one child had strep 4 times in one year, and another had pneumonia twice! I pulled them out of daycare and back home with our two dogs and cat, they were much healthier and better adjusted. Of course that may also be due to me staying home with them too.

          1. Actually, you’re an idiot. Find one credible source that says dog saliva has antibacterial properties. Then, find another that says their mouths have fewer germs than humans. Dogs lick their assholes. Save us all a step, and go bury your face in a dog’s ass.

      2. That’s just silly. I grew up with dogs, trees, and grass, and have been allergic to all, plus cats, rabbits, and feathers, for most of my life. My siblings grew up in the exact same environment, and they have no allergies. It’s not exposure or lack thereof that causes an allergy.

        1. Constant exposure to a dog isn’t going to free you from a dog allergy if your predisposed to a bad one. But for me I grew up with a dog always in the house, never once had any sort of reaction to them. So when I got tested for allergies and they said I was allergic to dogs it didn’t make much sense (although i really didn’t care much, it wasn’t affecting me). First time I actually felt the affects of the allergy was when I came home after my first year of college, came inside and tackled my dog and just started rough housing with him a bit, and got a few scratches out of it. For the first time ever the little scratches swelled up and got itchy. Nothing bad at all, just took a Benadryl and it went away in a few minutes, but definitely noticeable.
          Point being, if you’re allergic, and it isn’t life threatening, it can definitely be very helpful to be around your allergy to free you from the symptoms. After all an allergy is your body attacking itself to protect you from something that is otherwise harmless. It only makes sense that if you stay in that state long enough and your body realizes its fine, it will make some sort of adjustment.

      1. Nice, so I guess you’ll be out snogging a dog the first chance you get. I’ll stick to kissing humans, even if their mouths are less hygienic than that of dogs. I’m not aware of any humans that eat their own faeces, so think it’s worth the risk not kissing dogs nor allowing them to lick the faces of babies.

        1. Again, not a doctor, but I don’t think dogs and humans get the same viral diseases (Ebola, reportedly, being an exception). So kissing humans might be worse than being licked by a healthy, well-trained indoor only dog.

      2. Dogs eat out the litterbox, the garbage can, and they are scavengers by nature. So there’s a pretty good chance that Fido has some unwelcome microbial guests in his mouth. But…. we’ve been living in close contact with dogs for thousands of years and your baby is going to put EVERYTHING in her mouth, anyway. So getting kissed or licked by the dog is probably not adding all that much to the bacteria she’d encounter in a dog-free home. And I’m not a vet or a doctor, but I don’t think there are a lot of diseases that jump the species barrier between humans and dogs. Worms would be an obvious exception, but any good dog owner will keep their dogs free of worms.

    3. Yes, it grosses me out to see a dog in the face of the newborns. The baby does not have a choice. It is not right.
      Also, dogs cannot be trusted. You never know what is going through their minds. I have a friend whose granddaughter was bitten in the face before she was two and is now 12 and still going through surgeries to fix the damage a dog did to her. The dog was never aggressive was just fine. One day the child was playing and they only thing they can figure is the girl was making some squeaking sounds that the dog did not like and literally bit the bottom of her face off. She had to have reconstructive surgery on her chin, she still has no lips and her teeth are always exposed.

      1. dogs eat filthy rodents from outside and their own shit and then you will let them lick ur newborn baby. Something’s wrong w that.
        I love dogs but theres a reason dogs were always kept outside. Until recently. Now dogs are treated better than children

      2. Dogs cannot be trusted? Humans are more likely to be the cause of harm in a babies life. Since when can you read humans minds? Humans have harmed more people than dogs ever have.

  3. I simply don’t understand how anyone could think that having a dog and a kid at the same time is anything other than awesome. I actually can’t imagine choosing to have children without also choosing to adopt a dog. As long as you’ve always been kind to your dog, your dog will be kind to your kid, and it’ll be an amazing relationship for both of them – not to mention a ton of fun for you to watch as a parent. Any story about a dog mauling someone usually leaves out the important detail of how that dog was abused.

  4. Only on social media can we manage to turn a bunch of cute baby/animal pictures into a heated argument. We all need to relax, and thanks to whoever it was that put this collection together.

  5. Please, don’t be nasty over a beautiful gallery of loving dogs with their young humans. Obviously, these dogs haven’t harmed anyone in the process.

    My personal favourite is No. 2, I think that’s the sweetest scene ever. I had to laugh at No. 11, I think Junior needs a nappy change!

    Dogs are very protective of “their humans”, especially young ones, and will defend them vigorously. Be kind to each other and remember that, however intelligent we are, we, too, are animals who also can be over-protective.

    Have a good day, and smile at someone. Give them a moment of kindness. You never know, you might change their life for the better.

    1. Thank you for that Jan. I thought No 2 was beautiful too. No. 10 made ma laugh. I thought about all of the funny things my three sons learned from our dog. She actually taught one of them how to walk by letting him hold on to her fur as she slowly walked about the room. Such a joy they all bring to our lives!

  6. I am always amazed at the people who let their dogs lick their babies on the face. I can only imagine what the dog licked first before this “cute” picture.

    Of course, I see people kissing their dogs on the mouth, and the same thought comes to my mind.

  7. It’s sad that I see a lot of CHILD ENDANGERMENT photos that the majority find adorable (not only here). I’ve taught a dog owner safety and liability protection class for 20 years and people have no idea about how human behavior is interpreted by dogs or how they actively set injuries into motion. People unfortunately are “dog blind” relying on fantasy projection of how dogs should be which clouds reality. Often our stop actually means go to a dog. Since dogs can’t defend themselves society only believes the side that is “dog blind” leaving us to repeat the same mistakes. Could it be time to change that? People Training for Good Dogs what breeders don’t tell you and trainers don’t teach.

    1. Probably, the picture is taken by Elena Shumilova. A Russian mother who photographs her two sons growing up on their farm/cabin by a lake. All her photos are gorgeous, but I’m assuming she would probably like to be asked if you put up a picture that she took of her child and her dog in your home. Just my assumption. Plus, it never hurts to ask.

  8. HOLY Cow people, Please stop! Look at the pictures, and enjoy. Some dogs are sweet, some are not, some become unexpectedly aggressive (though I’m sure they feel they have a reason) and Some people are jerks (as can be attested to by reading some of these comments). So What? Just enjoy the pictures and the beauty they represent. My son always tells me “Don’t read the comments, it will just ruin what ever you’ve looked at” I think from now on I’ll take his advice. Sheesh!

  9. I love my dog, and for that reason I would never let an infant or toddler play with it. Picture 18 is a perfect example. If something startles that dog while the baby is playing with its mouth, you have no idea how it will react. Spare me the humans can be just as unpredictable. If you cannot tell the difference between the way dogs respond and the way humans do, I’ve got no help for you.

  10. We had a German Shepherd dog named Shep. One day our youngest child, Stephen was nowhere to be found around the house. I called him, no answer.There was a small space between the wall and his bed. There he was sound asleep, lying across Shep, and the dog would not move because he was so protective of his little buddy. Stephen was still a baby in diapers and must have just crawled in there and fell asleep with his best bud.