Sting Will Finally Make First WWE Video Game Apparance

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After months of rumors, WWE and 2K Games finally announced this week that pro wrestling superstar, Sting, will make his WWE video game debut in WWE 2K15. There have been rumors of Sting making a deal with WWE for months since his contract with TNA Wrestling expired earlier this year and he became a free agent. It appears that Sting has made a deal with WWE. Last April, Sting did interviews for the WWE Network after the passing of his former tag team partner, The Ultimate Warrrior. WWE is also releasing a Blu-ray/DVD compilation set of Sting’s longtime wrestling career.

Sting’s appearance in the game is huge news and a tremendous incentive to pick up the new WWE 2K15 game. Sting has never before appeared in a WWE video game title. His last video game appearance was in TNA Impact!: Cross the Line released in 2010, four years ago. However, the game was only available on PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.

The new video promo announcing Sting for the game debuted on WWE Raw this week (July 14). The game features an orchestra playing Sting’s “Crow” gimmick theme music from his WCW days. The orchestra was revealed to be wearing Sting’s famous Crow-style face paint, followed by Sting showcased in his Crow-style garb. The promo promised “two generations” of Sting, and the famous wrestler will available as a pre-order launch exclusive. Sting is still a fan-favorite, especially among hardcore fans, so it is a good sales tactic by WWE and 2K Games.

The two generations of Sting reference the probability that we will get two alternate skins for Sting: his earlier blonde-surfer, wild man Sting days, and the latter portion of Sting’s career where he adopted a gimmick modeled after The Crow comic character. I was concerned that we might only get Crow Sting for the game, so the ability to play as two generations or eras of Sting’s career is good news. I am happy to know we will soon be able to choose from both versions of Sting.

With Sting’s confirmation in the game, I really hope 2K Games will consider adding some other mainstay WCW superstars to join the roster for WWE 2K15. That way players could have fun with a WCW vs. WWE theme. Now that Sting is in the game, I would like to see the likes of Big Van Vader, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, Lex Luger and the Steiner Bros. join the roster.  Nevertheless, Sting’s inclusion in the game is a long time coming and incredibly exciting.

WWE 2K15 will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 28.

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