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Disney Infinity Needs The Disney Afternoon Characters

Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Interactive struck veritable gold with Disney Infinity. Basically following the Skylanders model, Disney created a sandbox adventure game drawing from its entire library of characters including: Disney’s live-action features; Disney animated films; Pixar animated films; Disney animated TV shows; and now, Marvel Comics. Disney Infinity 2.0 brought even more to the table by incorporating Marvel Comics characters. Now that Lucasfilm properties and characters are owned by the Disney family, it is likely inevitable that we will see characters from the worlds of Star Wars or Indiana Jones in Disney Infinity. However, Disney should really consider adding the beloved mainstays of the classic Disney Afternoon animated shows to its group of characters.

In its heyday, The Disney Afternoon was one of the premier blocks of animated programming. Many classics defined The Disney Afternoon and demand representation in Disney Infinity. By not utilizing Disney Afternoon characters, Disney Interactive is leaving piles of cash on the table from older, hardcore fans who would probably love to introduce their favorite shows to their children or loved ones through Disney Infinity. Signature characters from DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Gummi Bears, Goof Troop and Gargoyles belong in this game.

Disney Infinity 2.0 actually features two tantalizing objects from the Darkwing Duck canon. One of the new vehicles is the Ratcatcher, Darkwing Duck’s motorcycle; and there is also a power disc for Darkwing Duck’s grappling gun. The problem? There is no Darkwing Duck to play as in the game. No Negaduck. No Launchpad McQuack. After chatting with Disney Interactive developers at E3, they would love to bring Darkwing Duck into the game as well as more Disney Afternoon characters. Well, it is an issue that needs some rectification.

At the very least, Darkwing Duck needs to be brought into the game. It is downright criminal to include Darkwing Duck’s vehicles and gadgets, but no actual Darkwing Duck. If Disney Interactive is hesitant to represent more classic Disney Afternoon characters in the game, the company should start with a Darkwing Duck figurine. Let Darkwing Duck be the experiment to see if fans want to see more Darkwing Duck or DuckTales characters. From there, bring in the likes of Launchpad, Scrooge McDuck, Gosalyn, Launchpad or even Gizmo Duck and go from there. If those work, maybe we can get a couple villains like Negaduck, Magica De Spell or Crackerjack. Some of these characters can even be used as support discs. Rather than a bunch of Gargoyles characters, just use Goliath as the experiment for that show.

Hopefully the interest and desire from Disney Interactive is there because the inclusion of Disney Afternoon characters in this game is a magical opportunity waiting to be seized.


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