20 (Fail) Pictures That Will Amaze You With Its Perfectness, Or Probably Not. #19 Is The Coolest

We’ve all witnessed that situation when you want to shout: “You Idiot, what have you done?”… but you know yelling never helps.

These photos all contain pretty messed up situations that will make you wonder what these people have built and what have they been thinking.

The best thing about these failed situations we have here is that they will amaze you, at least some of them.

There are some things that you’ve never seen before. I guess the people who ever thought to built something like this or place it where it doesn’t belong, should receive a medal.

We want you to choose the reason for their medal award.

Watch where you land

Watch where you land



Just don’t be the last one who walks in there

Just don't be the last one

The second picture explains everything

The second picture explains everything

Second picture

Footbasketball. Alley-oops are not allowed here.


I too want to live dangerously

I too want to live dangerously

It’s all about precision and measuring the speed of the cars

It’s all about precision

Just imagine the adrenaline level

Just imagine the adrenaline level

Words are worthless

Words are worthless

Who’s up for a bumpy train ride?

Who's up for a bumpy ride

You call yourself a driver?

You call yourself a driver

Have you ever walked to empty parking lot where you can’t park your car?

Parking lot

That’s not a good parking spot

Parking spot

Just imagine

Just imagine



I think the final match should be played here


Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted

This is pretty cool or at least it looks pretty cool

Pretty cool

Superman is that you?

Superman is that you

Yes I know they look pretty unreal, but who knows.

Do you have any similar failed projects in your neighborhood you want to share with us?

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Thank You.

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