This Viral Video With Funny Talking Animals Got 16 Million Views. Have You Seen Alan?

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Today is the day when you will forget everything bad that happened to you yesterday or over the past week.

There isn’t anything on this world that will make you laugh more than talking animals.

Alan, Alan, Alan, Al, Al… we still can’t find him.

The whole compilation has been taken from BBC One – made by DJ Shamrock. It’s extremely funny. Plus, there is a bonus part at the end.

BBC producers of the show “Walk on the Wild Side” have allowed DJ Shamrock to post the video even though, it contains their copyrighted footage.

Wait, there’s Alan, Alan, Alan, Al… Or maybe it’s Steve…

Don’t mind us, we will find him 🙂 Take a look at the video:

And here is “Part II” of this video by DJ Shamrock. It’s unbelievable how he managed to compile the funniest scenes:

Finally, there is Alan:

Are you laughing? We know you do 🙂

Make sure your friends have one, as well.

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Thank You.

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