E3 2013: Top 5 Games From Sony’s Conference

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Having judged the games from Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference, it’s time to judge the games shown at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference. Quite a few games were shown, with the majority being multiplatform games. That’s okay though, as we’re here for the games, not just the exclusive titles. So having said that, let’s get into the top 5 games from Sony’s conference at E3 2013.

5. The Order 1886

The Order 1886 was one of the few exclusive titles shown at Sony’s E3 press conference. While we didn’t see anything in terms of gameplay, we got a feel for the setting and atmosphere in the game. The mix of old English atmosphere coupled with modern weapons was intriguing. The setting in London is also a personal highlight, as seeing streets and areas I’m used to will make the game more exciting to some Brits.

4. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is still looking to be an excellent game. We got more gameplay footage showcasing how the technology within the game is being used to help you navigate through a mission. I still love the idea and prospect of using a host of technology features to aid you in carrying out missions and escaping from either the police or enemies from the underworld. Watching the main character cause a blackout to help his escape in the demo shown was superb.

3. Kingdom Hearts 3

A game many fans have been asking for is finally confirmed to be in production. The Kingdom Hearts series has been stretched to appear on many different platforms, and it’s hard to believe another major installment in the series is coming. The series is somewhat niche, some like the game and its combat system, and some don’t, but seeing Sora return and seeing his story continue will be exciting. Not much gameplay was shown, but we do know it’ll still be an action RPG model that will be used. I don’t think we’ll see the game anytime soon though, so the wait continues.

2. Destiny

Bungie’s latest offering will be an open-world multiplayer game that is looking to be the next big shooter on the scene. From the demo shown, the game does feel akin to Borderlands; I’m not the only who thought that. There’s still a lot of the game to see, and the usage of salvaged technology seems very interesting and may lead to interesting mechanics and ways to use that technology. Playing in a multiplayer method seems to be a feature at this year’s E3 too, and we all know how fun playing with friends can be. Hopefully by focusing on this multiplayer aspect from the beginning, the game will be able to make full use of its multiplayer.

1. Final Fantasy XV

So the most exciting game we saw at the PS3 conference was Final Fantasy XV. Essentially, FFXV is a rebundled outing of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Announced many, many years ago, FFvsXIII has been kept underwrap by Square-Enix for a long time. With a new generation of consoles now upon us, FFvsXIII has become FFXV. And boy, it looked good. Still featuring the action RPG gameplay that FFvsXIII was supposed to incorporate, it feels like fresh new take on the Final Fantasy series. Hopefully this time the wait won’t be long for FFXV. If Square-Enix can create an action RPG full of the traditional FF flair, this could be a great game.

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