Dead Or Alive 5: 5 Potential New Characters

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A recent short teaser by Team Ninja at one of their DOA5 Ultimate Tournaments in Japan has showcased what seems to be an expansion to Dead Or Alive 5. This really could be an expansion or a full-blown update to the game, with no word yet on whether it will be primarily DLC content or disc content. What we do know is that there will be new characters to contend with in the updated version of the game. First off we have Momiji, who hails from the Ninja Gaiden series. She’s a fan favourite and thus her inclusion in the updated game is understandable. There are also rumours that old Dead Or Alive characters may return to Dead Or Alive 5, such as Leon. Some have said they can hear him in the background during the short teaser. While it is very surprising to see such a big update coming to the DOA series, this could be a fun update that also fixes a few of the original game’s flaws. Either way, the potential for new characters is exciting, and here we list 5 other potential new characters that should be introduced in the new updated version of Dead Or Alive 5.

5) Wei Shen (Sleeping Dogs)


A relatively new character to the gaming world, Wei Shen is the main protagonist of the game Sleeping Dogs. As an undercover cop, he would fit in nicely in the DOA world by trying to investigate DOATEC and Donovan’s new clique. Of course, being a guest character, he doesn’t really need to be part of the story of the game anyway (no word yet if we’re even getting a story update to Dead Or Alive 5). Within Sleeping Dogs, he has a few moves of his own that can be forwarded into DOA and added upon. I feel like Wei Shen would fit in nicely with the rest of the cast too.

4) Chun Li (Street Fighter)


One of the staple characters from Street Fighter is of course, Chun Li. This will be a harder sell and a most unlikely character given the rival fighting game from Capcom. Still, getting her on the DOA roster would no doubt boost DOA 5’s popularity. She doesn’t have any real magical attacks like Ryu’s Hadouken (she has a weak fireball), so she doesn’t need to be altered as drastically as he would be. Her spinning bird kick could be kept if slightly altered to fit DOA’s more realistic moveset too. Even her lightning kick can be included to a certain degree. I think Chun Li would make a fine addition to the DOA5 lineup.

3) Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue)


Many rumours are swirling about as to whether Shenmue will ever return. The game released many years ago, but is still fondly remembered. If Shenmue is to return soon, a guest appearance in Dead Or Alive 5 could help build up the hype. Like Wei Shen, Ryo will have his own moveset that can remain to allow him to retain his identity in the game. I believe one of the producers behind DOA, Yosuke Hayashi, really does have a soft spot for Ryo, so Ryo is one of the most likely of the characters listed here that may make it into the final game.

2) Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)


Well, what can you say. We already have Momiji confirmed for this new Dead Or Alive 5 update, so why not include Rachel? She does seem more reliant on her weapon as opposed to Momiji, but everyone that appears in both Dead Or Alive and Ninja Gaiden seem to do fine within each games parameters. There’s nothing wrong with making her a brawler. It seems unlikely that Team Ninja would  throw both Ninja Gaiden girls into Dead Or Alive, but Rachel definitely has a good chance of appearing in the series somewhere down the line.

1) Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7)


Yup, Tifa from FF7. What can I say, a small fanboy section in me immediately fell in love with the CGI animation known as ‘Dead Fantasy’ which showcases crossover fighting scenes between Dead Or Alive and Final Fantasy characters. Tifa would be the best fit from Final Fantasy as she is a martial artist, although some Materia boosters wouldn’t be too out of place. Ultimately, seeing a proper Dead Fantasy game will always be a fanboy dream, but a guest appearance would be great too. Dead Or Alive would no doubt benefit from the popularity associated with Final Fantasy and Tifa herself. Win-win situation I say.

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  1. Why does it seem unlikely that Rachel would be thrown in. Fans have been yelling this for years.

  2. rumor has it Sonia and Rachel are in and I would love to see chun li in but theres no chance as namco wont allow it seen as street fighters in there upcoming brawler.

  3. Wtf this list seems like it`s completely made by some random fanboy.

    The only reasonable character in this 5 new “potential“ character list would be Rachel since she has appeared in a Team Ninja game before.. Virtual Fighter characters were in doa5 only because Virtual Fighter is what Dead or Alive was based off on. This ain`t a god damn crossover game, get serious.

  4. im pretty sure they may bring ryo to their expansion of the game, the producer said they would like to have him playable after the original was completed

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