Why the Next Xbox’s Low Expectations Only Help Microsoft

We will finally get some details about Microsoft’s next Xbox console, which has been codenamed Durango but called everything from simply “Xbox” to “Xbox 720” by many gamers who have simply been looking for a name for the damned thing. The Microsoft Xbox unveil is set to go down on May 21st, streamed live on Xbox Live as well as on the internet, and Microsoft will finally take control of all of the discussion that has been swirling around the next generation console and give some answers. Well, we hope that there will be answers.

Many, including the infamous Michael Pachter, are not expecting to see anything groundbreaking from this event, just an event that will mimic Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal; big on fanfare, light on actual details and specifications. The biggest rumor that has been causing quite a stir has been the idea of Microsoft forcing an “always online” connection upon users for the use of DRM (digital rights management) as well as delivering content to users. You’ll see arguments all over the internet right now, see anonymous tipsters either confirming or denying the rumor and just general confusion over what will actually happen.

The reality of this whole thing is that there are some criminally low expectations set for the next Xbox at this point in time. in fact, we’ve seen specs floating around for the console for a while now, which are not fantastic, but are comparable with the PlayStation 4. That, along with the Xbox 720 “always on” internet connection rumor have left fans almost dreading the Xbox 720 reveal. This only plays into the hands of Microsoft who now just have to meet the bare minimum of expectations from them.

The bare minimum that fans and the industry are expecting from Microsoft is to announce the leaked specs from earlier this year, a Kinect 2.0 sensor, an improved controller as well as some Xbox Live features. There could be talk about “always on” internet, but even if it does happen, it is expected by many, so it won’t come as a shock and Microsoft will have the ability to candy coat it with their PR team’s support. This is what is expected from Microsoft at this point, which is really not much, right?

For Microsoft to exceed the expectations of everyone it won’t take much at all. It will just be a matter of maybe kicking that rumor of “always on” internet down the tubes, announcing specs that might be a bit more advanced than the leaks, or just some cool new features for the system and people will walk away happy. Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will be the last of this new generation of consoles to be unveiled and in a way, they have the upperhand when it comes to this. They can look and see what Nintendo and Sony did right and what they did wrong, then adjust accordingly.

It might be too late for Microsoft to make any vast improvements in the hardware for the upcoming Xbox, but there is still a lot of time for software and feature tweaks which could be a huge selling point for them.


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