Xbox Durango: How Microsoft Can Win Next-Gen

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With rumours swirling around about next-generation consoles, Sony’s unveiling of ‘some’ PlayStation 4 information has gotten people wondering what exactly Microsoft can do to match or surpass Sony’s new console. With some mysteries still surrounding the PS4, Microsoft would do well to capitalize on some weaknesses from Sony’s PS4 announcement. Microsoft still haven’t announced a name for their new console either, so here we’ll use the rumoured Durango moniker. Personally, I don’t think Durango will remain as a name, so it may very well be called the Xbox 3 or something similar.

Integrate Kinect Properly Into Hardcore Games

Not a lot of hardcore gamers have embraced the idea of motion gaming and truth be told, it is because Kinect hasn’t really been incorporated well into hardcore games. Kinect is looking to be the biggest draw for the casual crowd in the next-generation, so Microsoft can’t give up on the peripheral. Rumours that Kinect will be sold together with the new console is big news in order to draw in more gamers to utilise the Kinect peripheral. That said though, Microsoft needs to push their own first-party games to utilise Kinect in an innovative way. Dubbed Kinect 2.0, the device needs to do much more than just track movement in a 3D environment. Utilised in tandem with the gamepad controller, the full potential of the Kinect device has not yet been shown. Now would be a good time to showcase it.

Introduce Fresh New IPs

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the PS4 announcement, only a handful of games was actually shown, some of which will no doubt be multiplatform titles. Microsoft should definitely step up their first-party game development to introduce new and exciting franchises. Microsoft has been very successful with their first-party IPs as Gears of War, Forza Motorsports and the Halo series have all done extremely well both critically and commercially. It looks rather obvious that Microsoft can craft games that gamers want to play, with an online infrastructure that further enables enjoyment from these games. Microsoft shouldn’t be too scared of developing new IPs as they have built up a substantial amount of trust amongst their userbase that new IPs should be embraced rather well. This is even more important during the early parts of a new console’s life as more users will buy games outside of their comfort zone to justify their console purchase.

Backwards Compatibility From Day 1

One of the few murmurings after the Sony press conference is that Sony are having a hard time figuring out how to handle backwards compatibility. From console titles to digital titles, it seems that Sony gamers may need to either wait a while before gaining access to old games, or that they may even need to re-buy those titles. The fact that Sony remains elusive on backwards compatibility provides Microsoft with a strong tool to utilise themselves. Should Microsoft show a much easier adoption of backwards compatibility, gamers will notice how more reliable Microsoft is in this regard compared to Sony. This could be a major boast for Microsoft especially in a push for a more digital friendly console.

One of the major downsides of the next Microsoft console will be the Xbox Live fees that needs to be paid to play online. With Sony still being coy on whether they too will charge for online gaming next-gen however, Microsoft can rest a lot easier with announcing their updated Xbox Live service for their next console. By adding more incentive to purchasing Xbox Live, such as day 1 backwards compatibility, Microsoft can show gamers that the new Xbox will be a console worthy of next-gen gaming.

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  1. This will bring $ony $laves to bear their testimonies that MS is all about kinect and dance central, they feel too dumb to bring xbox core games on the table. So, due to their limited knowledge, they’re only talking casual titles for xbox all the time.

    In other hand, the Ps4 will go with a kinect-like motion sensor and casual games with it, just like the one showed in the event where two gays playing dancing game with the PS Move controller. Talk about irony, and karma.

    $ony loves talk much and copy ideas from both Nintendo and MS, if sony was clever it shouldn’t be fall in Billions of Debts. Nintendo & MS don’t talk and promise much because they’re in much better shape financially.

    1. well sure the playstation will have move like functionality and a kinect esk box, but I think the point is that Sony briefly breezed over it while it’s perceived as a core focus now of the Xbox.

      In terms of actual numbers of first party core franchises Sony has many more that have come out for the ps3 as apposed to 360. This is just numbers, not opinion.

      If some has a good idea there’s really no shame in copying it. Playstion began as a company by copying Nintendo. Xbox began as a company by copying PlayStation.

      The only actual point you bring up that is note worthy is that Sony has plently of debt to pay. You are of course correct because the ps3 was a bigger funicular risk than profitability. However to counter this, I would say that Sony has learned from their mistakes and is clearly willing to change to win back the market. The playstion 4 is marketed as exactly what I was hoping for in a console and will be there to purchase as soon as it comes out and unless Microsoft completely stops producing core gales I will get the Durango too.

  2. I opted this gen for the 360, but recently xbox has been going more towards a casual gaming machine, kinect centered and a family freindly media hub. Thats fine but iys not really what im looking for, so I don’t think I can really support them anymore. (seriously bring back the blades ms). Will probably get ps4 next generation.

  3. I can see Sony winning this time around with core gamers and Mivrosoft wining over the Wii audience. Neither is good or bad, both are lucrative business strategies.

  4. Last I heard, they were most likely gonna go with the name Xbox Gold or Xbox Next. I’m actually WAY more excited about the next Xbox than the PS4. My friends are hyped for it though. I’m not, but to each his own.

  5. How? Easy.

    1) Release solid first party exclusives (MS now has more first parties than Sony) and make significant 3rd party permanent exclusives.

    2) Make the multiplayer and app part of the Gold sub free for Silver.

    3) Make the Gold sub have more value. MS can easily beat PSN Plus in terms of content, so they should go that route and overpower Sony.

    4) Undercut Sony in price. If the next Xbox has slightly inferior hardware, they can engage in a pricewar that could cost Sony the entire company as they are already in massive debt and selling assets/buildings and value bonds to raise money and pay off those debts.

    5) Make it the default STB for the home

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