FIFA 13: 5 Reasons Online Pro Is Its Best Feature

Another year, another FIFA video game. Whether you personally find the repetitive annual release of sport titles to be bad for the gaming industry, or whether you are one of the many gamers who eat up these releases, the future of sport titles doesn’t look to be changing. That said, over the years, FIFA has tended to add various features over time. One of the best features that started surfacing in FIFA games since FIFA ’08 is the ‘Be A Pro’ game mode. The title has changed through the years (virtual pro/online pro), but the core remains the same. This article looks to pull out a few reasons why this mode is awesome.

5) Different From The Norm

Pro mode in FIFA games is the only mode that allows you to play the game differently. Every other mode, be it seasons, tournaments, manager or even UT, have you play the same core FIFA game on the pitch. Which is controlling a whole team to victory. Pro mode is the only game mode where you control one single player. Your entirely gamestyle in a match will likely be very different when playing Pro mode compared to any other mode. In fact, EA could separate Pro mode from FIFA and make it its own game, and it would be able to hold its own because the core gameplay is different. Sure, you can still play by controlling everyone in a team during Pro mode matches, but even then, you’d focus your plays to allow your Pro to stand out. Making Pro mode a very different proposition in FIFA games.

4) Play Any Position

One of the best parts of playing Pro mode in FIFA games is that you can setup your Pro to play in any position. You don’t have to create countless different Pro players to play in different positions. A quick tweak of your Pro’s stat and you can play in defense, offense, midfield or even as the goalkeeper. Such easy flexibility is great.

3) Co-op Is More Fun Than Competitive Multiplayer

I can’t be in the minority who feels that co-op gaming is way more fun than competitive multiplayer gaming. I absolutely love playing with 5-7 other friends and taking on the computer A.I. in a variety of game modes. If you’ve never tried it, it is absolutely great fun., especially given the computer A.I. can sometimes borderline ‘cheat’ on higher levels. Of course, you can’t always have friends over for local co-op, so playing Pro mode online is a great addition to the series. You can do the exact same thing, with everyone controlling their own Pro player, and what’s even better, is that you get to play against other people online too. Essentially mixing both co-op and competitive multiplayer game modes into one.

2) What Are RPG Elements Doing In My Sports Game?

RPG elements are slowly but steadily incorporating themselves into every game. From action adventure games to first person shooters and now into sports games. A more recent addition to the Pro series is the ability to level-up your Pro the more you play. This is similar to traditional RPGs, where you gain experience points for playing. You even have special abilities you can unlock, and in true RPG style, you can only choose a handful of those abilities at any given time, so you have to really think about what skills you want on your Pro. Having the ‘bicycle kick’ trait while playing as a goalkeeper isn’t going to help much. The best part of including RPG elements into this game mode is that it is addicting. You always want to level-up your Pro and your stats. You’ll want to play just one more match, so that you can unlock one more achievement that goes to your stats. It’s addicting, and that is awesome.

1) Closest To The Real Thing

That’s right, Pro mode is the closest you’ll get to actually playing football – virtually. When you control a single player, you realize just how much you depend on other players around you. It is a team sport isn’t it? This feeling is added upon when you play using the Pro camera angle too. Granted, the camera could be better, but at the end of the day, it is still the closest you’ll get to playing football digitally, while also fighting for titles and trophies. With the leveling-up system too, you definitely feel like you are the one who is gaining in momentum and working towards victory. It feels more gratifying than winning with Messi or Ronaldo.

So what do you think? Do you play Pro mode in FIFA games? Personally, I think the scariest thing is that Pro mode can still be improved upon by EA. And by a lot too. Here’s hoping they do.


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