Weekly News Roundup – DEC 30 2012

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This week was rather slow, with everyone distracted by the holidays! I didn’t even manage to finish my Greensleeves redstone composition in Minecraft (although the room for it is all hollowed out, thanks to the help of a friend). I’ll probably use it for another song. Ideas, anyone? Speaking of Minecraft, the documentary was released and torrented by Mojang itself! You can find it by searching on the Pirate Bay or a simple Google search. Several Mojang admins tweeted about it, so it’s not an impersonator or anything. Well worth a watch!

Concluding the ongoing saga of War Z, its creator issued an apology about the drama surrounding the game. After Zynga encountered several legal disputes after imitating some games, it’s taking the financial blow by shutting down its Japan branch. There’s lots of information for new games, including Dead Space 3, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, and FFXI Online.

With the new year fast-approaching, be sure to have your resolution ready before New Year’s Eve! I haven’t decided on mine yet, but it will probably have to do with spriting. Without further ado, here is the last news roundup of the year!

2012 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update
Calvin & Hobbes Video Game Mock-up
Guile’s Theme on 8 Floppy Disks
Beating the Hardest ROMHACK Mario Level
EA Removes Gun Shop Links from Medal of Honor Site
Journey is Gamespot’s GOTY 2012
Minecraft Documentary Torrented by Mojang
Even More Footage of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

News & Rumors:
Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Gameplay Trailer
More Information on Solo-style Gameplay of Lightning Returns: FFXIII
New Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Screenshots
Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Will Switch to Paid Plan
One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Possibly Confirmed
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix Trailer
Slender: The Arrival Official Teaser
New GTAV Screenshots
New Trailer for FFXI “Seekers of Adoulin” Expansion
Dead Space 3 Demo Coming in January
Festival of Magic GC Trailer
Dragon Quest X on Wii U to have Orchestrated Music
Minecraft Sells 453k Units Over Christmas

Development & Interviews:
Diablo III PVP Stalled
iCEnhancer GTA IV – Version 2.5 Alpha Footage
Pixel Art Tips from Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game Artist
War Z Creator Officially Apologizes
Zynga Japan Shutting Down
Code Zombie Games Posts Videos of the Ouya
Interview with Steve Papoutsis

This Week’s Releases:
8-Bit Defense | XBOX360
Avatar Karting 2 | XBOX360
engram | XBOX360
Field Goal Contest | XBOX360
Johnny Impossible | 3DS
No Air Out Here | XBOX360
Quarantined | XBOX360
Reaction Rally | XBOX 360
Shadows on the Vatican: Act 2 – Wrath | PC
Super Santa Slayer | XBOX360

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