4 Signs You Have a Rat Infestation

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Rats certainly get a bad reputation, but it’s not entirely without reason. Although they aren’t as dirty as widely believed, they still aren’t welcome in any home or business.

If you’re wondering about the tell-tale signs are of a rat infestation, you’re in the right place. We’ll take you through four key signs that rats have made themselves at home on your premises, including a brief info on why they’re dangerous to have around. Let’s get into it.

1. Unusual Sounds or Smells

No one wants their home to smell unpleasant, but the smells rats can produce will have you reaching for the best rat poisonin no time. If you’ve recently noticed a new odor in your home for no apparent reason, rats could be to blame. They aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness, and your nose knows. You might also notice unusual sounds, such as scratching against walls or scuttling noises in your ceiling. These are all tell-tale signs.

2. Footprints in Dust

Although rats are generally pretty stealthy, there are still some visible signs that they’re on the premises. One of the most obvious is the mysterious appearance of little footprints. You’ll most likely be able to see these in the dustier areas of your property or anywhere that doesn’t receive the same routine cleaning. Checking behind furniture, heavy appliances, or in attics is a good start.

3. Droppings or Smears

Despite their bad reputation, rats are surprisingly clean, but that doesn’t mean they don’t leave any traces behind. Droppings and grease smears are also significant visual signs that you have a rat infestation.┬áThese traces often manifest as grime you’d really prefer to keep out of your home or business. If you start noticing them more and more, it may be time to call an exterminator.

4. Unexplainable Damage

Lastly, rats can cause some unfortunate damage if given a chance. They love to gnaw and chew on anything they can get their little teeth into, mainly because their teeth never stop growing. This means they need to file them down by gnawing, which can significantly damage your wooden furniture or electrical appliances. If you start noticing an increasing amount of wear and tear without apparent cause, rats could be the unlucky answer.

What Damage Can Rats Cause?

There are many dangers to a rat infestation that go far beyond just being a generally unpleasant presence. They can gnaw through almost anything, including lead and aluminum sheeting. Rats can also chew through wires, potentially leading to an electrical fire. That’s before considering the potential diseases they can transfer. Ultimately, they’re not a problem you can ignore.

Don’t Fail to Act!

If you suspect rats have infested your property, you must immediately remove them. Remember, rats can infest any location, which doesn’t mean your premises are dirty or unhygienic. Admitting to a rat infestation can feel embarrassing, but that embarrassment is nothing compared to the damage they could unleash. Don’t ignore the problem; act fast!

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