9 Travel Essentials You’ll Need For a Mountain Vacation

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If you crave adventure and adore the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a mountain vacation. Many go on treks to challenge themselves and overcome new heights, even if they are not proper mountaineers or alpinists. They do it just for the fun of it.

However, things can get a bit ugly for someone routing towards the mountains for the first time. That said, it is essential to be prepared. In that regard, you must fill your backpack with the necessary mountain gear.

We know packing is the worst block between you and your exciting adventure, but it is unavoidable. Suppose you plan to roar through the mountains without the proper items. In that case, you may get into all sorts of unfortunate incidents. Nobody wants that for you.

To help you figure out an easy solution for packing your mountain vacation essentials, here’s a list of things you cannot miss:

1. Navigation tools

Because you can’t ask for directions in the woods, navigation is essential. A copy of the map of the area you’re hiking in and a compass are the most basic ways to navigate. On the other hand, using a compass and map correctly takes a lot of skill and practice. Few hikers have the time to practice them before embarking on an adventure. The easiest way to navigate is to use your smartphone. Just don’t forget to gather the details of your destination. For instance, if you’re planning a hike near the Great Smoky Mountains, download a map of the entire area. You may also want to research the best Gatlinburg cabin rentals so that you can treat yourself to a lovely room when done with your day hike.

Similarly, if you are mountaineering near a different part of the country, have a GPS map and a little insight into all the nearby hotels.

2. Don’t forget about your hydration

It’s crucial to stay hydrated on the trail to keep your body’s critical systems running smoothly. Water helps you cool a bit when you’re hot, warm up when you’re chilly, and keep your joints and muscles working correctly, so you don’t get hurt while hiking.

Bring enough water for the length of your mountain trip, or bring a lightweight water filter and be aware of water sources along the way.

3. Sanitizer for the hands

We’re terrified of running into a wild boar or a bear in the woods. Still, we often overlook the microscopic wildlife that can be just as unsafe. Germs are everywhere, even in cities, but they’re more dangerous outdoors. Not to say there aren’t any rare diseases out there in the woods; it’s just that you’re more likely to skip washing hands after a long hike.

So, carry a hand sanitizer in your backpack and use it after every meal. It is the most effective method of disease prevention.

4. Food availability

This one feature is shared by many hikers, both novice and experienced. While on the trail, their hunger decreases. While there is little agreement on why this occurs, one thing seems inevitable. Following your instincts while not eating enough may leave you exhausted. Pack plenty of carbohydrates and fat-rich foods to keep you robust on your long journey. Take a little more than you would typically eat during the day to ensure you don’t run out of food if anything spoils or you have to share it with your friends.

However, the food might degrade, and there’ll be no meatballs and spaghetti. For the time being, you’ll be eating carbohydrate-rich grains like canned meat, oatmeal, or rice, instant noodles, nuts, chocolate, and energy bars. But if your mountaineering destination has nearby lodging facilities, you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of that (hello, good food).

5. Hiking Boots

You’re probably going to do some hiking if you’re making the trip to the mountains. Perhaps you are an experienced outdoorsy person or want to take a stroll through the lush green forests. Whatever you do outside, you should bring or buy a pair of shoes that are:

  • Waterproof
  • Supportive
  • Close-toed

6. Sunscreen

This item is usually associated with the beach. However, protecting your skin when hiking in the mountains is still necessary. Even though the temperatures are fresher and there are more shaded areas, you should still carry sunscreen. Because you are not feeling the extreme heat that you would at the beach, you may forget that the sun can still cause damage. Don’t forget to include this one in your list of mountain essentials.

7. First aid kit

It’s highly necessary to take along a first aid kit when going on vacations or any trip. If you plan camping, hiking, or any other activity away from town, you should include a first aid kit in your packing list. Cell service can be spotty in this area, especially when you’re out in nature. It is critical to have the means to heal wounds momentarily.

8. Camping items

Camping is a bucket list item for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars in the towering mountains is an unforgettable experience. If you’re up for an escapade and want to set up a camp, make a reservation ahead of time. After you’ve found the perfect spot, use this packing list to gather all of your camping gear:

  • Hiking poles
  • Bear bag rope, carabineer, and sacks
  • Multi-tool
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpacking tent

9. Additional accessories

While these may seem unnecessary, they can come in handy most of the time:

  • Headlamps are always an excellent fail-safe to bring along.
  • Those icy lakes can look a little more inviting in the scorching sun. So, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.
  • Sunglasses are a must for a long sunny day and serve as a good windbreaker when it’s dusty or snowy.


Here concludes our list of mountain essentials. It includes a wide variety of items. However, you are more familiar with your travel preferences. Use this ultimate trekking list as an initial point for your packing list, and add or remove items as needed. After that, start packing and preparing for a mountain trip. Once you’re there, don’t forget to document your journey. When you come back home, you’ll have lots of inspiring photographs and videos to share with others.

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