How to Prepare Your Home for Emergency Weather Situations

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When an emergency weather situation occurs, your home requires preparation before you can safely remain inside. However, during a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm, there are other things to prepare for as well.

Have a backup energy source prepared

You can never know exactly when you might be left in the dark, and if you’re unprepared for this situation, electricity may be unavailable to you. During an emergency, it is important not to keep your house dark; therefore, we thought we would help by suggesting a backup plan: make sure there is a generator ready and waiting inside your home in case of a power outage.

You can purchase generators from local hardware or home supply stores before emergencies occur. Reviewers at Generator Sage recommend using an inverter generator because it is fuel-efficient, portable, and has less noise. Also, inverter generators eliminate power fluctuation, which can affect sensitive appliances in your home. Make sure to have a generator ready because after disasters happen, it gets difficult to get what you need since they are almost always sold out on store shelves. Before purchasing a generator, consult with someone who already owns one on how it works and what kind is needed for your situation. Keep in mind that electric companies can often provide limited service for a short amount of time after disasters, but you should still be prepared for the worst possible scenario (no electricity).

Fortify your house and have an emergency shelter ready

The first thing to do is plan ahead of time exactly what you will be doing. This should include which rooms each family member will stay in and how long they are able to wait out the emergency weather situation there. Make sure it is a room with few windows and doors, preferably without any overhead light fixtures that could be damaged by flying debris or high winds. A basement may also work well depending on where you live, but again, check for windows nearby that might break if facing high winds or hail damage.

Stock emergency supplies

Next comes stocking supplies for this shelter-in-place. Include such things as food and water (preferably both stored in a sealed container), flashlights, batteries, clean blankets and pillows, medications, entertainment equipment like board games or books for those who cannot be with their electronic devices or those who need something to help them pass the time. It is also wise to include a first aid kit and weather radio so that if anyone has an injury, they can receive care and be kept abreast of the changing situation outside.

Keep yourself and your family safe

Of course, it is important to be prepared yourself as well. Stay away from windows and doors as much as possible; you can use curtains for this but do not fully close them as debris may blow into the house through open spaces, even tiny ones like keyholes. Cover any broken window with a heavy blanket or board and secure it, so it does not fall on anyone if hit by flying debris.

Preparing for dangerous weather situations, whether you are in the path of a hurricane or tornado watch, requires planning ahead to ensure your home and family are safe from harm. Be sure to have food, water, and medical supplies on hand during an emergency situation. Keep abreast of weather updates by having a backup power source that can help you know the latest news. Being sufficiently prepared is your best protection against dangerous weather situations. Stay safe!

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