Tips to Make your Online Concert the Best

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If you’re a musician or band looking to host an online concert, here’s everything you need to know…

Technology has provided the twenty-first century with a wide range of possibilities for reaching various goals. Even concerts are no longer required to be physically present. Online performances are a hit for fans and artists alike, thanks to inventions like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Show4me.

COVID-19 has forced the closure of a lot of enterprises. The cancellation of music festivals and tours has wreaked havoc on musicians and their entourages in the music industry. However, the popularity of online live musical events has soared beyond all expectations, with many artists using them as a source of income and a way to connect with fans.

However, not everyone is familiar with the enormous internet world of streaming. What platform should you go with? Is it possible to make money from these performances?

Check out the Five Insightful Tips Below on Show4me

Select the Best Streaming Platform

When it comes to presenting online concerts, the most important decision is which streaming platform to employ. With so many streaming options available, deciding which one best meets your needs can be difficult. Here are a few things to think about to get you started with online concerts on show4me:

  • Audio and Video Quality: Always double-check that the platform is of the highest quality and reliability.
  • Viewers Limit: The number of people watching an online concert can easily exceed your expectations. If the number of viewers is limited, be sure you don’t run out of room.
  • Security: Be wary of fraudsters who may disrupt your event or misuse/resell your content while hosting an online concert.

Figure out Essential Gadgets.

You don’t want to be figuring things out in front of your audience and risk losing them. Aside from your musical instruments, you must carefully pick and set up live streaming equipment prior to the performance. Some of the vital equipment are: HD Camera, Microphone, Mixer, Encoder and Powerful Internet Connection.

Select the Right Time to Stream

The beauty of livestreaming is that you can reach fans all over the world. Find a time that is convenient for the majority of your audience if your admirers are from all over the world. Weekend live events, such as concerts, are always a wonderful option.

Monetize Your Concert

You may make money from your online concerts in a variety of ways. You can choose the one that is most convenient and profitable for you based on your preferences and target audience.

  • Ticketed Concerts

You can hold a ticketed event online in the same way that you can conduct a physical performance. You’ll need a platform with a secure paywall for this.

  • Sponsors

With the rise of influencer marketing, brands are more interested in partnering up with influencers who have a small-but-staunch following and suit their brand personality. To find the sponsor for your next concert, you can either pitch directly to companies or use sponsor marketplaces.

Be a Good Viewer in Return

It feels great to be on the receiving end of a successful livestream concert, so be sure to extend the same streaming etiquette to others. A “like” and “thank you” go a long way. A share goes even further!

You’re Ready to Entertain Your Fans

Now, it’s time to go live and delight your fans with your performance.

To summarize, select the appropriate streaming software, equipment, and time to play. Spend enough time marketing your concert and figuring out how to make money from it. Finally, clean up your room and perform a test to make sure everything is working properly.

Show4me remains the best platform for you to conduct your event and keep up with all of the latest music trends. It’s time to start planning your online adventure with us.

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