5 Reasons You Should Live Off Campus

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Deciding on where to live when you go to college is a difficult choice to make. You’re probably thinking living on-campus is going to be one of the best ways to make friends and you will throw yourself into the mix of the party lifestyle. However, it is a choice you need to think long and hard about because the constant parties can be tiring and rules and restrictions will get old very, very quickly. Here are 5 reasons you should think about living off campus when you go to college.

Life Experience

One of the biggest advantages of going to college is for you to start gaining life experience. There is no better way to start gaining it than living off campus. You might see them as simple things, but grocery shopping and paying your rent each month is a great way to start giving you a sense of independence and freedom. It will also allow you to become more disciplined and set you apart from classmates who live on campus.


You are going for the college experience, but living it 24/7 is not for everyone. When you live off campus you will be able to have that element of separation which means your life doesn’t constantly revolve around college and the people you meet there. No doubt you will make some incredible friends, but there is also a whole world out there and now you have the chance to sample it. Off campus housing will give you the best of both worlds!


Ask anyone who has lived on campus accommodation and the main complaint that will always come up with is the mess that students make. Let’s face it, most have come straight from home where someone has done everything for them and now they don’t have that. You might think you can handle it, but give it a couple of weeks of finding dirty cups and plates everywhere and you’ll soon be regretting it!

Easier To Study

You’ve just sat down to do some much needed studying and you receive a message asking you to go to someone’s room where there’s a party going off. You could just go for half an hour. That half an hour will turn into all night and no studying gets done. If you’re not on campus, you will have to travel and it’s easier to just say no. It will also be much quieter off campus, giving you a better environment to study in.

Have More Fun

You will have a much better sense of freedom when you’re living off campus and this will include being able to have more fun! University accommodation comes with a whole host of rules and regulations you are going to have to stick to. Off campus you are pretty much free to do as you please and go wherever you want. You’ll also be free of all the petty dorm politics which can make university life claustrophobic.

And there you have it – 5 reasons why you should consider off-capmus housing. Are you ready to go out looking for your next home?

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