Best Jewelry Pieces to Mix & Match Your Wardrobe

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Let’s just all agree that none of us are total purists. We all, as human beings, like a bit of this and a bit of that. And the good part is, you don’t have to pick one. In 2021, you can be a minimalist and wear something elaborate once in a while. You can rock a stiletto even if you are a crocs kind of girl. For jewelry also, the idea remains the same – Mix and match.

Jewelry design has seen an incredible transformation over the last decade. More than an accessory, it has now become an expression. From layering multiple chains to stacking numerous rings, the way we style our jewelry has also become significant. How it embellishes what outfit we are wearing defines our personality. For some outfits, rose gold looks better than classic yellow gold. The grammar of jewelry styling is changing, and so are our choices – for better.

Below are a few such jewelry pieces that will match any wardrobe without being repetitive. They are fun, mix and match kind, giving you a broad canvas to play your fashion game. Read on.

1. Dainty Studs

Wearing a pair of studs is the easiest and quickest way to punctuate an outfit – they’re subtle, sophisticated, and add a warm radiance to one’s face. Although to create a statement-making look, women can emphasize the size, setting, finish, and color of the studs to make it an even more extra-special embellishment. The Tanzanite stud earrings are a great introduction to your wardrobe if you’re keen to try different looks and experiment with colors or layers. The bluish-purple tone of the crystal adds the perfect amount of vibrance and regal charm to the look that makes you look bolder and brighter. One can style their casual t-shirt and denim combination, a crisp shirt and trousers for work, or even an elaborate gown for an elegant gathering. There are numerous functions and styles that one can mix and match, but you can count on this fundamental accessory piece to put together the whole ensemble without making much effort.

2. Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklaces are perfect for spicing up an outfit for the summer when fewer layers of clothes are involved. The fashion is light, bright, and exciting, and while layered chains and playful charms are great embellishments, nothing can add color or fun to an outfit like beaded necklaces. They can be made from various stones, pearls, crystals, charms, displaying a cascade of colors, shapes, and styles to remind one of happier moments of their life. Now that beads have made a lasting impression on red carpets, it’s more of a reason for you to style this exciting jewelry piece with your simple shirt or blouse. Be it a flirty sundress, a knit crop top, a button-down shirt over a favorite bralette, or even your favorite swimwear, you can experiment with the beaded necklace, starting with some neutral colors. A Shungite jewelry necklace, made from an ebony black mineral, is perfect for breaking color on a bright or light outfit and giving an edge to the overall look. You can pair these with a simple pair of Shungite studs and take advantage of their several healing properties as well.

3. Bar Bracelet

Whether you are a fan of bracelets or not, bar bracelets are here to notch up your fashion game. Having already charmed their way into the Met galas and biggest fashion shows, bar bracelets have become synonymous with hot favorites in the fashion industry. And for all the right reasons. Carrying all the focus and becoming a centerpiece isn’t easy, especially when there are so many ways you can go wrong. Personalized bracelets, such as a bar bracelet can be engraved with something meaningful on it. Like a particular date, your zodiac sign, a quote you relate to the most. Each piece becomes unique and significant to the person wearing it, which in all honesty, very few jewelry pieces can do. If there is one piece of jewelry that should get your attention and belongs to your collection in 2021 – it’s a bar bracelet.

4. Open Ring

Almost all jewelry pieces are versatile. They could be adorned with several outfits and do the job well. However, a ring, like a chameleon, is repeated the most number of times and barely gets any attention. It becomes like a second skin. An open ring, nothing but a creative spin on the classic ring, is the alternative you should go for. Coming in various stunning shapes and structures, an open ring instantly gets the attention it deserves becomes a talking point. The biggest of fashion houses have incorporated open rings to their collection because of the novelty it offers. If sheer elegance with a touch of creativity is what you are looking for in a circle, an open call could be a worthy option.

5. Drop Earrings

Wearing drop earrings is a perfect way to embellish any outfit; they’re modern yet understated and add a lot of edge and dimension to the plainest outfits. One can experiment with different sizes, colors, materials, and textures for drop earrings to make them more comfortable and versatile to wear with most outfits. Pearl drop earrings, set on a chunky medium-sized hoop, make for a classic piece to try with various outfits. Be it a simple, white shirt or an expensive, elaborate suit. If you want to experiment with bright baubles, you can go for bright-colored stones, such as Topaz, Peridot, Opal, and more, set in a beautiful, metallic gold such as rose-gold or yellow-gold, that uniquely complements each outfit. If you’re looking to create a capsule collection, then a subtle gold string chain drop earring or a minimal pair of singular diamond teardrops will also style well with various outfits and occasions.

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