Best Food Hacks for Camping

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Summer is here! That means it’s all about festivals, wild camping, alfresco-eating, and having lots of adventure. You can make this fun more enjoyable when you eat delicious foods and drinks outside with your family, friends, or even alone.

Many people love to explore the wild but don’t know how to pack properly when it comes to food for an adventurous trip right there. One of the crucial things that you should be aware of before going into the woods is camping food and drinks. With the proper camping cooking tools, utensils, and food, you can make your trip more memorable and adventurous.

Many companies like Rustic Sportsman offer some of the best camping tools and accessories. You can buy cast iron pans, hydration bottles, fire starters, coolers, and many more. You can even gift these items to anyone who loves camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity.

Are you planning to go on a hike or explore the woods? If yes, you should know about the basic camping and outdoor skills, including preparation and packing of foods and drinks. Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you all about the best camping food hacks and tips.

Below is the list of seven amazing and cool camping food hacks that you should know before going on camping or hiking.

1. Cook in Advance

Instead of cooking from the start on your camping site, prepare and take some cooked foods with you. You can cut the vegetables, boil them and store them in a container beforehand. Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal. So, you can cook a small batch of veggie stew, hearty soup, or a tasty ragu and freeze it well. This way you can have utterly delicious meals in the middle of fields without any mess and fuss.

2. Freeze the Food

Buy a good quality cooler or cool box to store your frozen and refrigerated items. Instead of carrying or buying a lot of ice packs, you can freeze small bottles of water. The benefit of a cooler is that you can also store or freeze milk, orange juice, and many more things for a couple of days.

3. Portable Coffee

For many people, coffee is as important as breakfast. However, taking a coffee machine with you is not possible. So, instead of buying tea and coffee, bring your own tea and coffee bags, milk, and sugar. Don’t forget to pack some durable, reusable cups too. Now you can prepare and enjoy coffee anytime outdoors.

4. One-Pot Campfire Recipes

When we’re camping, our days are full of outdoor activities, and for that, our body needs energy and good food. Instead of spending time making various dishes, you can try one-pot recipes.

They’re simple to cook and also need fewer items. The best thing is that you can eat one-pot dishes for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A combination of proteins, tasty veggies, and unbeatable flavors will help you to face the camping challenges more easily.

5. Pack Seasoning

When cooking over a campfire, we don’t want food to taste bland, right? Here’s a hack for you. Take some pill packs, small containers and pour small amounts of the seasonings such as chili powder, salt, oregano, basil. Don’t forget to label them with stickers and different color pens. This way you can enjoy all your meals with all the spices you love!

6. Eggs in a Bottle

Just like coffee, many people love to have eggs in their meals. If you’re one of them, here’s a cool egg hack for you. It’s impossible to carry eggs with you while going camping, instead pre-crack them into a portable bottle of sorts. You can also pre scramble them and store them in the cooler. At the campsite, just open these bottles and pour them into the pan, and you can prepare healthy egg meals.

7. Learn Foil Food Recipes

Don’t have a camping stove? No problem! Here’s a fantastic food hack for you. First, make a little fire, wrap your food in tin foil and gently place it in the fire to heat up. This way you can easily cook food in less time and that too without having a stove or gas burner.

You can try different types of recipes this way, such as tin foil potatoes, grilled pineapple chicken, grilled fruit cones, foil packet chili fries, foil-wrapped, fire-grilled corn, and many more.


So these were some of the best camping food hacks for you. Whenever you plan to spend some time outside, be sure to plan, prep, and ponder the meals ahead of you. Things like pre-cooked foods, portable scrambled eggs, and tin foil meal hacks will make your outdoor experience a bit more adventurous.

So, keep these easy food hacks, and tips in mind, and your next camping trip will be much more enjoyable.

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