Signs of Termites That Every Homeowner Should Know

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Termites are relatively small and harmless-looking. In fact, they are extremely unlikely to be harmful to humans as they do not carry diseases. However, they do eat wood and similar cellulose material and they live in large colonies.

One colony of termites can consume six inches of 2×4 in just five months. When you remove that much wood from a supporting post or two you are going to notice issues with the strength and structural stability of your home. Of course, termites generally eat from more than one beam, meaning that the damage is often not noticed until it is much worse. At that point, you will need to contact your local pest control firm and get them eradicated. You will then be faced with a potentially costly repair bill.

You need to learn more here about how to deal with these pests. To start with, you must be aware of the most common signs of a termite issue:

Mud Tubes

Termites need to stay damp, as such they will frequently live in the soil around your foundations and go into your foundations to consume wood. That means they need a way in and out. Termites will generally create small tunnels in the soil around your home, giving them access.

If you walk around the outside of your home you will see these mud tunnels. Close a couple and they will either reopen within 24 hours or there will be a new tunnel next to it. That tells you the termites are active.


When termites are ready to leave the colony and start their own colony they fly to find a mate. Once they have mated they lose their wings and start the colony. It is usually close to the original one. If you notice discarded wings in your home there is a good chance a termite colony has started.

Holes In Wood

Termites eat straight through the wood, leaving small pinprick holes. If you see these in your wood then you have a termite issue.

Blistering Wood

Equally, the tunnels in your wood can be from the other side and may go along the wood rather than out the other side. This will cause the wood to blister and swell. If you notice this anywhere in your home you will need to check further for termites. Don’t forget that they can cause a lot of damage, the quicker you sport them the better.

Damaged Wood

As well as blisters and holes you may simply notice that the wood looks damaged. If you can push a screwdriver into the wood it is rotten, the only question is whether you are suffering from rot or a termite infestation.

Don’t forget, an annual inspection can help you to spot a termite infestation and take appropriate measures to eradicate one or stop one from occurring.  It is definitely better to be proactive when dealing with termites. The cost of fixing the damage they cause can be prohibitive.

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