How To Make Your Blog Successful in 2021

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It seems like today, everyone had their own blog. From foodies and technology enthusiasts to writers, creatives, travellers and of course moms. However, you might not know that 80% of blogs will fail within the first 18 months. This happens for a myriad of reasons including:

  • Difficulty setting up the blog
  • Poor time management
  • You want to make money straight away
  • Treating your blog like a hobby
  • Lack of consistency
  • Not getting the success you want quick enough

All of these reasons are common, but the last one – not getting the success you want quick enough – is probably the most relatable. What many wannabe bloggers fail to understand is that in order for a blog to be successful, you need to market it effectively and work on your blog as a brand. Branding isn’t just a fancy logo and setting up a social media page, it’s all about cultivating a following by adhering to a strict set of brand guidelines and maintaining high levels of consistency across all your platforms – you’ll find more about branding design here.

So, with this in mind, let’s examine how to make your blog successful in 2021. Read on for more details.

Craft An Eye-Catching and Memorable Brand

Let’s expand on this a little further. We know that blogging is all about great content, but the visual appeal and branding side of your blog is just as important. You want your followers to come to you for advice, for funny stories and anecdotes, for recommendations or recipes… Therefore, you need to work on your blog as a brand. Striking visuals, a consistent blogging voice, colour palette and high-quality images and videos are what will make your blog stand apart from its competitors. Ensuring that these brand guidelines are communicated across all your platforms and communications will make your blog more memorable and increase the likelihood of visitors returning again and again.

Post Frequently and Consistently

If you’ve written an amazing blog post and it’s been well received – great! But now you need to keep up the pace. Writing inconsistently means followers won’t know when to expect your next piece of work, which will leave them frustrated and less likely to return. Your posting frequency should be consistent, so consider creating a content calendar and a writing schedule and sticking to it!

Link To Other Blogs

Linking to other blogs helps you support your own content and guides your readership to other great resources – another reason for them to enjoy your content! Including these links will also help you get noticed by other bloggers who in turn, will return the favour and direct their followers to your content.

Respond and Engage With Your Followers

If you’ve written a great piece of content and you’ve received comments and questions, don’t ignore them – engage with them! A simple response or answer to their query or simply thanking them for reading your work will always work in your favour. It also helps you to curate a community around your blog topic and build up your following.

Final Thoughts…

To run a successful blog, you need time and patience! Follow these steps above to get started.

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