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COVID-19 has given birth to a new way of studying: Online Learning. However, online learning was there before COVID-19, but it increased at a massive rate because of the Nobel coronavirus. People were forced to stay home and maintain social distancing. Schools, colleges, universities were also forced to shut down for more than one year. However, studies cannot stop for such a long period, therefore schools and other educational institutes decided to start online classes.

However, this sudden change is hard to adapt for many students. In this article, I will suggest some effective tips for online learning.

Online Learning

Online Learning is the method where teachers and students interact through online meeting tools such as Zoom, Classrooms, google hangout, etc. It is a flexible and convenient way of learning.

Pros of Online Learning

# Interactive Learning: With the help of online tools such as pdfs, ppts, podcasts, etc,  Teachers can make learning more interesting and interactive.

# Accessibility: Students can assess online material and video lectures whenever they want.

# Study anywhere and anytime: With the help of recorded lectures students can learn at any time in the comfort of their home.

# Pace: Each student has a different pace of learning. With the help of online learning, you can easily study and learn at your own pace.

# Cost-effective: Online learning is cheaper than offline learning. As it deducts the cost of transport, meal, study material, etc.

#Best suited for introverts: With reduce social interaction, introverts wouldn’t have to worry about facing thousands of students and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Cons of Online Learning

# Lack of Concentration: This is one of the most prominent challenges of online learning. While studying online students et easily distracted by social media, games, or other such notifications.

# Technology issues: Internet speed is another major problem. In small cities and towns, a stable internet connection is a dream.

# Screen Time: Strain screen for hours has a hazardous effect on the health of students. For example, bad posture, eye problems, and other problems.

# Distractions: There are lots of distractions at home, such as the sound of the mixer, talking, etc.

# Devices: Not every student can buy a device for online studies. When online learning started many students were not able to catch because of no devices.

Strategies to improve their online learning

#1. Study Area: It is very important to maintain a study environment to be able to focus better on studies. Ensure proper lighting to avoid strain, a comfortable seat, and reduce distractions to increase your concentration. Moreover, make sure your desk and study area is clutter-free. You can even decorate with indoor plants; this will help you to stay calm and peaceful.

#2. Treat your online class similar to an offline one: Approach your online class similarly to as you would treat an offline class. Be organized, stay alert, and be open to learning.

Avoid eating, playing video games, or watching TV while online lectures.

#3. Focus: During offline class stay focus and concentrates on your teachers. The success of your online class largely depends on your approach. If approached with a learner perspective you can study anywhere no matter it is online or offline.

#4. Make Notes: While lectures note down every important thing your teacher says, for example, assignments, topics, or any important chapters. Notes can help you to remember things well. But this doesn’t imply that you should only focus on making notes. Pay attention to what your teachers say and at last record it. After that, you can make notes easily.

#5. Set Screen Limit: Staring on screen can result in eyestrain and even initiate myopia. Ideally, the limit of screen time is directly related to your age. The doctor suggests 30-40 minimum and a maximum of 3 hours of direct screen engagement.

Take frequent breaks, blink more, and after every 15 minutes look somewhere else.

#6. Stable and Reliable Internet Connection: Ensure proper and stable connections. A disturbance due to network issues can ruin your concentration and mood. Try to have a backup connection like a modem or VPN to boost your internet connection.

#7. Participate in Online Discussion: Online learning needs discussion and active learning. If you have any confusion, doubts, discuss something, or assignments, you can take part in an online discussion. Here all students gather and discuss and share their knowledge. This is an active way of learning.

#8. Teacher: Never hesitate to ask questions to your teacher when you are in doubt. Whenever you feel like you need a guide, contact your teachers. This will take your online studies to a next level.

#9. Record: You can record your online class for revision again. Moreover, this can help you to attend class even when you are busy. In addition, it will help you to make notes without missing anything.

#10. Reward Yourself: Reward yourself for achievement or when your complete a set target to boost your motivation. Whenever each milestone is reached, award yourself some favorite rewards, like favorite foods, video games, etc.

#11. Take Breaks: You should allocate your time to study and recreational activities both. This ensures better productivity, efficiency, and makes you healthy. Enough amount of physical activity ensures your physical wellbeing. If entertainment is the first choice after the break, then you may check the best torrent websites for movies download

#12. Adept amount of Sleep: Ensure enough amount of sleep for better productivity. Not getting enough sleep ruins your health both physical and mental.


Online Learning is approached correctly can be beneficial for students. It is a flexible and interactive way of learning. Students can study at their pace and watch repeat lectures whenever they want. Follow these tips to make your online learning journey smooth and effective. Do tell us your opinion about this article in the comment section below. Moreover, tell us about your issues with online studies.


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