What’s the Newest Menu Item at Papa John’s?

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Throughout its history, Papa John’s has consistently expanded its menu to fit the latest tastes and needs. This began with the original Papa John’s owner adding various sides to flesh out a pizza-based meal. Under the new leadership, this has continued and expanded. In particular, board member and basketball legend Shaq has helped advance the rollout of the newest menu item, the Papadia.

Why You Should Try the New Papadia From Papa John’s

The Papadia is a flatbread sandwich from the Papa John’s. As the name implies, this is inspired by quesadillas. It is somewhere between a cheese flatbread sandwich and a pizza. If that sounds a little strange to you, chances are that you likely aren’t alone. However, the response to this innovative lunch option has been overwhelming. Simply put, people seem to love the new Papadia.

Papa John’s new CEO has been pushing to make pizza more relevant at times other than dinner. For a lot of people, the Papadia is the perfect answer to this need. It is an ideal food item for lunch or a snack. The sandwich is convenient and designed for a single person. Plus, it is a delicious, hot meal. There is a reason that many cultures have developed hot, cheesy sandwiches – they taste great!

You can enjoy several premade styles of Papadia including meatball and pepperoni, barbecue and Italian. There are special new flavors in certain markets and some stores even offer an option to make your own. If you like flatbreads and pizza, this is worth checking out.

What the Food Critics Have Said About the New Papa John’s Papadia

Overall, the food critics’ response to the Papadia has been excellent. For example, one critic gave the flatbread four out of five stars and called it a “repeat buy.” He raved about the good taste and the fact that you can really sink your teeth into the sandwich. It is a filling option that works perfectly for anyone who is looking for a hearty lunch.

Another critic wrote positively about the use of pizza-style dough in flatbreads. In particular, she described the Italian Papadia as being an upgraded version of the typical Italian flatbread sandwich, benefitting from a fuller flavor and tastier dough. She also thoroughly enjoyed the Philly cheesesteak and meatball pepperoni flavors.

Similar sentiments have been shared by other reviewers. The top-line review for many is that it is the perfect way to satisfy that pizza craving at lunchtime. If you want something that is going to be hot, filling and satisfying, this is the perfect option for you. Plus, they all come with dipping sauces, so you can enjoy an extra pop of flavor with each bite if you want to.

Order a Papadia Today

The Papadia is the latest addition to an ever-growing menu. It has been expanding to more and more stores under the leadership team headed by Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO. Plus, it has had a marketing boost from Shaq’s ineffable charm. If you like pizza, this is something you should seriously consider for your next lunch order.

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