Keeping Your Lawn Green During the Hottest Days of Summer

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Lawncare in the summer can be a major challenge. Dry conditions, long days, and measures that restrict water use can conspire to leave your grass and withering in the heat of the sun. 

Dealing with this chronic problem requires more than just a wait-and-see approach — by the time your grass has dried out, it can take a long time to coax it back to a state of lush verdancy. 

If you want your grounds to stay fresh through the hottest days of summer, proactive measures are your best bet. And proactive lawn care starts with a comprehensive irrigation system.

Why Hand-Watering isn’t Enough

Most homeowners water their lawns the old-fashioned way: using a hose. And while this works fine so long as there aren’t any watering bans, even at the best of times, hand-watering is wasteful. Water splashes everywhere, and much of it ends up running off into storm drains. What moisture does reach the earth often evaporates before it can do much good — especially if you water during the hottest part of the day. 

Attachable sprinkler heads have the same problem. How often have you seen an oscillating sprinkler jet water onto the street or sidewalk, or soak one part of the lawn while leaving other parts untouched?

Most DIY sprinkler methods are, simply put, inefficient. They waste huge amounts of water during the heat of the day, and need to be constantly adjusted to avoid over-saturating your lawn or gardens. 

How Commercial Sprinklers Can Help

These drawbacks have led many homeowners to explore alternatives that are less wasteful and that provide a more targeted solution to the water needs of individual properties. 

Lawncare experts like EZ Lawn Sprinklers provide homeowners with built-in commercial sprinklers and irrigation systems that are designed to accommodate a range of dynamics, including:

  • Geography and landscaping
  • Grass species
  • Gardens and decorative plants
  • Exposure to sunlight

After the ideal placement of the sprinklers has been determined, the system is installed so that it can be activated automatically. This is an important feature, as timing is essential to water conservation in the summer. 

The best time to water the grass is in the morning or evening, when it is cool out and the water won’t simply evaporate off the grass and foliage. In order to be most effective, water should be able to penetrate into the first six inches of soil, creating a reservoir plants can draw on. 

Instead of having to worry about turning on the system when it’s time to start watering, automated commercial sprinklers ensure your lawn is always getting enough moisture but not too much. 

Nothing says summer like the feel of soft grass between your toes, and one of the great pleasures of having your own house is being able to relax outside in the cool of the day, smelling the rich organic smell of a well-tended lawn. 

If you want to make sure your lawn stays lush during even the hottest weeks of summer, get proactive about installing commercial sprinklers today. 

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