Ways To Enjoy Drinking Tea with Your Kids

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Having food with your kid can be a little bit tricky because they tend to be distracted by many things. For a kid to be involved in eating, they either have to be hungry or really into the idea. The main aim of the parent is to get their kid healthy. Before you wean your kid, you ask a doctor for advice or a more experienced parent.

The thought of having tea with your kid doesn’t cross your mind until you get proper medical advice from a doctor or go deep diving into the internet for more information on the matter. So how do you enjoy drinking tea with your kids? Before you even go there, finding out about its health benefits would be beneficial.

Is tea good for kids?

Tea has particular health benefits that help adults with one or two health issues. For kids, they cannot drink just any tea without expert medical advice. Tea contains caffeine, a stimulant, which means when you consume it, you get a boost of energy. That isn’t good for kids because their little hearts shouldn’t beat that fast when they are just seated and sipping some tea. That may come with some complications. 

Caffeine is not recommended for kids, but tea without caffeine is highly recommended. Herbal tea does not have any caffeine, but it is made of leaves, roots, and seeds of plants. You can buy them as loose leaf tea or in tea bags. You can also search for an online tea and coffee shop to make deliveries of the tea your kids can drink.

A healthy child may drink ginger or mint tea if they are experiencing a common cold or a mild stomach upset. These herbal teas may help alleviate the cold and give your child added resistance to these mild common cold symptoms. 

How do you get your kid to drink tea?

Kids are very phenomenal young humans; getting them to do something you want requires a lot of effort. It is not easy to get your toddler to sit down and eat unless you also fully participate in the process with them.

One way of getting them to enjoy drinking tea is by sampling having a tea party. Make it fun for them, and they will end up enjoying having some tea. Every time you have some tea, have them sit down on their chairs and pour some warm ginger or mint tea into their little teacups.

At Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company they provide herbal tea that is recommended for kids. 

Some of the types of herbal tea that your kid may enjoy depending on their medical reports are: –

• Ginger

• Mint

• Chamomile

• funnel

Your kids may not be used to warm beverages apart from the milk, of course, but be sure to make some mock tea. Practice does instill some discipline in your kid. Stir up some warm water with lemon and honey and give the kid a cup. Once they get used to the warm drinks, they will develop a craving that will be hard to ignore.

Once your kid is used to the mock tea, you can now serve them tea without caffeine, of course. Make sure it’s not too hot for them to handle. Always taste some before giving them some, and it is recommended that you use a little teaspoon for starters.

Kids are drawn to routine; they follow what they are used to doing. Newborn kids have an eat, sleep and cry routine. Well, you can get them to drink tea by slipping it into their schedule. Ensure you create a meal plan so that they subconsciously follow it.

Final Thoughts

Feeding your kid may either be easy or just hard, especially if the child is unwell or is just generally troublesome. Be sure to contact the pediatrician in case you cannot understand the symptoms presented by your child. Do not introduce a new diet to your child without having a proper consult from the pediatrician.

When you were a kid, what did you want to eat? I bet the answer would be what your parents were having. Kids are generally curious. They could eat anything as they learn how to crawl. They observe behavioral patterns from their parents or older siblings and quickly adopt them. To ensure your kids eat healthily, start by having a healthy meal plan as well.

Your child should grow up with all the nutrients available for their development, be patient with them, teach them what is good and what isn’t, and you will enjoy having meals together with them.

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