3 benefits of using an aircast cryo cuff vs. ice packs!

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If you need to recover after a game or reduce inflammation in your joints post-injury, then you need to take immediate action so you can ease pain, reduce swelling, and help keep the injury as minimal as possible. Especially for athletes who are in contact sports, you will often sprain or hurt your joints and muscles, such as ankles, wrists, and shoulders.

If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering the best method to help with recovery and pain management after an accident happens in a game or practice session. Unfortunately, painkillers and ice packs don’t seem to be doing the trick. If your injury is on a joint or hard area to apply pressure, ice packs may not be able to fit properly.

Furthermore, you need to apply constant pressure to the area to fully apply the cold therapy to the injured area. With ice packs, it is difficult for constant pressure to be applied to the area since you need to wrap the ice pack on the body. If you don’t have the proper materials at home, you will not be able to reap the benefits of cold therapy.

Let’s see why using an alternative method to ice packs is more beneficial for injury recovery!

3 benefits of using aircast cryo cuff over ice packs

Instead of using ice packs that do not apply pressure to the injured area, consider using an aircast cryo cuff instead! An aircast cryo cuff is easy to use, effective, and beneficial in treating sports injuries to joints or muscles. With the ability to be used on muscles, sore areas, or joints, the aircast cryo cuff is versatile and flexible. Visit Source Cold Therapy to see more.

Applies pressure

One of the main benefits of using an aircast cryo cuff over traditional ice packs is the ability to apply pressure to the affected area so that it helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Without pressure, the cold therapy unit will not be able to reduce the inflammation, but will just numb the nerves and ease the pain. The aircast cryo cuff can do both to successfully treat the cause of the injury and simultaneously reduce unwanted symptoms!

Flexible to use anywhere

The second benefit of using an aircast cryo cuff over ice packs is the flexible nature of the product being used anywhere on your body. Due to the shape and material used, the aircast cryo cuff can be adjusted to use on any joint or muscle on your body with ease. With ice packs, it can be difficult to stay on bony joints, like your ankle or elbow. However, with the aircast cryo cuff, it stays on without any difficulty or worries about falling off.

Durable and long-lasting

The final benefit of using an aircast cryo cuff instead of ice packs is its long-lasting and durable nature. With ice packs, they can break or only be used one time, which results in waste. However, aircast cryo cuffs are reusable and can last many sports seasons.


Using an aircast cryo cuff instead of ice packs adds to the pain management, injury treatment, versatility, and durability of the treatment modality!

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