Things to consider before buying Quilt Covers

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The only way to find the recommended Quilt cover for you is by considering the following purchase aspects:

  • Fabrics: 100% cotton Bamburry Quilt Covers from Bambury are the softest and most pleasant. Of course, they wrinkle a lot. To solve the problem, you can choose one that is 30-50% polyester. Those made entirely of this synthetic material are only suitable for winter and children’s beds due to their waterproof nature.
  • Design: This is a matter of taste. There are minimalist, youth, modern, classic Quilt covers, etc. Choose based on the decorative style of your bedroom.
  • Additional properties: The best quilt covers have anti-stain, anti-hair, and non-fading qualities.
  • Reversible: It can come in handy, so you don’t have to buy two models. The double-deck quilt covers can be placed on both sides without losing qualities.
  • Cleaning: It should allow machine washing for convenience.
  • Dimensions: It will depend on the width and length of your mattress and the measurements of the padding that you are going to use.

What are they for?

The best Bamburry Quilt Covers are used to house a quilt inside, but they also fulfill a decorative function within the room. They are used all year round, not just in winter. The correct way to introduce the filling is as follows:

  • Flip the cover over so the seams are facing out.
  • Place the spread quilt cover on the bed. The zipper or buttons should be on the bottom of the mattress.
  • Put the quilt filling on the cover. The label should also be at the foot of the bed.
  • Roll up the cover and comforter, starting from the headboard and working down to the feet.
  • With one hand, hold the top of the cover and the padding. With the other, insert the lower part under the roll until it is completely covered.
  • Now, unroll in the opposite direction as you stretch. The quilt is already inside, and you have to shake the corners and close the buttons or zip.


Types of Quilt covers

Depending on the type of bed and mattress, Bambury offer different type of quilt covers.

  • Quilt covers for cribs. They have the correct measurements for baby mattresses. In addition, they are always made of cotton to offer a softer and more pleasant touch. We can also differentiate between Quilt covers for convertible cribs and conventional cribs.
  • Individual Quilt covers. They are designed for 90 cm wide mattresses.
  • Children’s Quilt covers. They are usually stamped and have original and modern designs. They have particular dimensions to adapt to small mattresses.

What products should I wash them with?

Before washing your Quilt cover, we recommend you take a look at the label provided by the manufacturer. In it, you will find detailed information about how to do it. In any case, you should never use bleach or fabric softener. Chlorine will irreversibly damage colours. Also, fabric softener can cause skin irritations at night and wear on the fibres. The only thing you should use is neutral detergent and follow these tips: – Do not wash your Quilt cover with water over 40ºC. – Use a low-power spin program (800 revolutions or less). – Do not mix the bedspread with other items in the washing machine. – If it has polyester in its composition, do not iron it. If it is made of cotton, set your iron to a maximum of 100º C. – Put it to dry in the shade. The sun can also damage the fabrics and colours of even the best Quilt covers.

What are the best textiles for bed covers?

We can distinguish different types of Bambury Quilt covers according to their manufacturing materials:

  • Pure cotton Quilt covers: They are the most breathable. They offer a very soft touch and are very durable. They are especially recommended for summer Quilts.
  • Cotton and polyester Quilt covers: They combine the softness and breathability of cotton with the elasticity of polyester. They are straightforward to iron. Perfect for mid-season quilts.
  • Polyester Quilt covers: They do not need to be ironed, and they are very soft. They perspire very little but are usually stain-resistant. Therefore, they are also used as a bed protector—the most useful for the winter.
  • Silk Quilt covers: The most delicate and with an eminently decorative function. They are incredibly soft to the touch but require cleaning by hand and ironing.

Conclusion: The Quilt is a good insulator that keeps your body heat in bed, without the need for blankets. It is made up of two layers of fabric with padding inside.  Bambury offer only quality product to their customers.

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