4 Things to Check when Buying a Turkish Coffee Maker

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Only coffee lovers will truly appreciate the aroma of freshly brewed Turkish coffee. This kind of coffee is nothing like the ones we get at cafes and pizza chains on a highway. The act of making this coffee is in itself a very romantic and dreamy experience that can take you back a few centuries. This form of brewing coffee was most popular in the Middle East, and the process is quite ancient. 

Turkish coffee is made in a cezve, also known as an ibrik. You can check out a complete Turkish coffee maker review to know more about them. Brewing coffee in this device needs some expertise, but the coffee maker has to be of good quality. Here are some things to check before you buy one. 

1. Body Material

You can get a cezve in three primary materials. While the traditional ones were mostly made out of brass and copper, modern Turkish coffee makers are also available in stainless steel. Brass has a gold-toned look, and if you mean to buy a cezve which will be around for long, then this is a good investment. It also looks great in a traditional kitchen. Brass does not rust as easily as copper, and coffee made in them has a very earthy feel. 

If you buy a copper ibrik, you won’t have to worry about the rust, but it will start corroding after a few decades. They are great when it comes to carving elegant designs on them. Stainless steel ibrik is excellent for a modern kitchen and is an excellent option if you like its minimalist look and functionality. It does not have an old-world look about it, but it is effortless to clean, so you can have the best Turkish coffee without worrying about maintenance. 

2. Choosing the Handle Material 

Those who have just started exploring the world of Turkish coffee often overlook that the cezve handle material is as vital as the body material. Stainless steel Turkish coffee makers come with a stainless steel handle or a plastic handle. The stainless steel handle could get hot, and the plastic handle will likely come off or crack after a point from the bouts of heating and cooling. 

Unless they are food-grade plastic or belong to the non-burning category, it is best not to buy ones with plastic handles because you have to place a cezve directly on the stove. They also do not go with the entire equipment since plastic does not fit in with the ibrik’s old-world charm. 

Copper and brass ibrik come with wooden handles, and they are both safe and durable. The wooden handles are also often carved with intricate designs, which adds to the equipment’s ancient look and feel. It is also good to use wooden handles if you have a small coffee maker, with a short handle as brass or copper handles will turn hot very quickly.

Copper or brass handles go very well with the equipment’s overall look and feel, but you have to be careful while holding them, like wrapping a cloth around it. 

3. Coffee Making Capacity 

Turkish coffee makers come in different sizes, ranging from making just one serving to up to six servings. It is also important to remember that Turkish coffee is to be had in small amounts, like 2 to 3-ounce shots, rather than having an entire mug! Choose a cezve based on how many servings you would make at a time. 

Making one or two servings in a six serving pot will lengthen the process and might change the taste of the coffee. It is a good idea to get a medium-sized variety- one that can make 2 to 3 servings at a time. You can, of course, go ahead and buy both a big and small ibrik if you think you will be entertaining guests with Turkish coffee quite often. 

4. Turkish Coffee Grinders

Turkish coffee is made with very finely ground coffee and not your usual variety of packaged coffee. While you can use an electric grinder to grind your beans, the best way to get the whole experience of this ancient device is to use a manual grinder. You might look for cezve that comes with their grinders, and that makes a great set. Manually grinding coffee can seem like a labor-intensive and time-consuming task at first, but the result is very satisfying indeed. 

With the right ibrik, you are sure to be transported to a different world with every sip you take. It makes you slow down and relax as you enjoy this exotic process. Check out the Turkish coffee maker review to find out the best variants so that you can enjoy some luxury while having your coffee. 

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