Should You Buy a House that Has Propane?

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When most people are house hunting, they think that they only have two options.  Either all-electric or natural gas.  Fortunately, these aren’t the only two types of homes on the market.  Homes with propane have been filling the market, and although there’s a lot of interest in them- some shoppers aren’t sure what this means for them.

Here are the top reasons you might want to consider buying that house with propane before it gets snatched off of the market!

Reduce Energy Costs

Although electricity may seem simple, it could be costing you a lot of money in the long term.  The National Propane Association estimates that when comparing how much is spent on a stove range, a furnace, the water heater, a fireplace, and a dryer: propane can cut the yearly costs in half compared to electricity.

This is a giant drop that can allow homeowners to spend that money on investing in their property instead.  One of the top complaints people have is their utility costs, and residential propane takes those costs down with a flourish.

Even Heating At All Times

Because of how propane works, you’re guaranteed even heating at all times.  Instead of the modern electric heating system, which cuts on and off randomly based on the current temperature readings, propane ensures that all rooms get to stay at a constant temperature.  This lack of fluctuation is better for your immune system and allows you to ensure you’re getting the temperature you’re paying to achieve.

More Efficient Than Natural Gas

Some hear that the cost of natural gas is lower and assume it’s better, but that’s only half of the story.  You need far more natural gas to achieve the same things you can do with small propane.  Because of this, natural gas ends up being more expensive in the long run and also causes a more significant environmental toll.  Propane lasts longer, runs smoother, and doesn’t have to be replaced or maintained as often.

More Environmentally Friendly

Propane is the perfect fuel because it doesn’t cause carbon emissions, it’s nontoxic, and it won’t leach into your soil.  Electricity has a considerable carbon footprint until we can move towards higher use of solar or wind-powered electricity. Natural gas has a long line of risks and damages that it’s currently doing to the environment.  Propane is considered clean fuel because of how much it can do for the environment, and anyone wanting to run a green household should switch to it because of this impact.

Although homes with propane are less common, it’s because once someone locks down one of these properties, they don’t want to leave them.  There are countless benefits to this fuel and endless reasons why it’s superior to other heat sources out there.

You cannot only do what’s suitable for the environment and your health, but you also allow your home to keep even heating, and even reduce the money you have to spend to do that.  It’s the best choice for everyone.

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