How to Wear an N95 Respirator Mask?

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Since the pandemic happened in the last year, masks have become an essential part of our lives. To protect ourselves from the deadly virus, we all have to wear masks. However, for this, wearing a good quality mask is necessary. The NIOSH-approved disposable dust N95 respirators are one of the best masks available in the market. 

Day by day, the air quality is getting worse. If you’re also living in a region where air quality is poor or infectious disease is going around, an N95 face mask will be the best option for you. They’re designed to filter out any type of dangerous particles such as metal fumes, minerals, dust, or biological particles, such as viruses. Hence these masks will very well protect your lungs and overall health. 

Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you how to wear an N95 mask properly. They’re lightweight and will give you protection against 95 percent of non-oil-based airborne particles. These masks are made of structured, lightweight foam and also comes with elastic straps. You can use an n95 respirator indoors and outdoors.

Here are five steps to wear the mask in the right way: 

Step 1: Wash Your Hands 

It is necessary to wash your hands before putting on the mask. First, wash your hands well with any soap and water, then dry your hands. This will prevent you from contaminating your mask before you put it on. 

Step 2: Choose an N95 Face Mask 

Pick an N95 mask that fits you well. They come in various models and sizes. There are also specifically made surgical n95 masks for those people who work in health care professions and industrial jobs. 

Step 3: Put Mask on Your Face

Hold the mask in the palm of your hand in such a way that the straps should be facing the floor. Now firmly place it over your nose, mouth, and chin. Tuck the bottom part of the mask securely over your chin. Don’t touch the inside part of the mask, try to touch only the outside and edges of the mask to keep it clean.     

Step 4: Pull the Straps

Slightly stretch it and pull the bottom and top straps over your head. Position the bottom strap under your ears.

If your mask has two bands, pull the bottom one right over your head and place it around your neck ( just under your ears). Continue holding your mask securely against your face. Then slightly pull the top strap and position it above your ears. 

Step 5: Set the Nose Piece

The last step is to mold the nose piece around the bridge of your nose. With the help of two fingers, press the thin metal wire or nose clip at the top of your mask. If your mask doesn’t have any nosepiece, then simply make sure that the fitting is tight and secure around your nose. 

After these five steps, the next thing you have to do is check the fitting. Place both of your hands against the mask and then take a deep breath and exhale. By doing this, you’ll know whether it’s securely sealed against your face or not. 

If you feel any leakage from the nosepiece or around the edge or nose area, re-mold the nosepiece again. If the air is coming from the edges of the mask, you need to adjust the placement of the straps. 

If you still feel that your mask isn’t completely sealed, ask for help from a family member, friend. Sometimes this happens because you are wearing the wrong model or mask size, so check that too. 

Stay Healthy & Breathe Clean Air!!

So these are all the steps to wear an n95 respirator correctly. These NIOSH-approved masks are specially crafted to provide nose and mouth coverage. They don’t cover the eyes, which means you’ll have enough space to wear safety glasses or goggles. 

After the use, make sure to throw it away properly so that you won’t come into contact with contaminated particles. Try not to touch the front part of the mask because it’s contaminated; you can touch the straps because they’re clean.

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