Amsterdam: 8 reasons to prove that spring is its season

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The canals, the “red lights”, the flea markets, the art districts, the boats, the tulip meadows and everything worth seeing are in the city of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is in full bloom at this time of year, and we are bringing together the ten best experiences to experience in the spring in its capital, beautiful Amsterdam. Are you ready to be enchanted by the magical spring colours of the city?

The historic center of the canals

The “ring” of concentric canals in the historic city centre is why Amsterdam is called the “Venice of the North”. On foot, on a bicycle or a tourist boat, you can explore the beautiful canals, with the sloping buildings, the architecture of which gives a different character to each one of them. UNESCO has even declared the Canal District of the city, a world cultural heritage, as the world’s first artificial canal district.

The squares of Amsterdam

Suppose the architectural charm of Amsterdam stretches around the canals. In that case, everyday life “breathes” around its squares: It is worth walking around Dam Square with its large shopping malls, the Royal Palace, the most popular Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein bars or visiting Nieuwmarkt, Westmarket and Noordermarkt with the old markets. Amsterdam’s largest open-air market is the Albert Cuypmarkt, with hundreds of stalls selling local produce.

The Van Gogh Museum

At the famous Amsterdam Museumplein, the “Museum Square”, the museum dedicated to Van Gogh, has a prominent place. It houses over 200 paintings and 550 drawings of every season and mood of the Dutch, self-taught painter. Along with the letters he wrote, works by his contemporaries or inspired by him and exciting information about his life, here you will learn everything about the famous artist.

The Rijksmuseum

The largest museum in the Netherlands, also in the “Museum Square”, hides all the artistic treasures of the “golden age” of painters, with works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and other “craftsmen” of the 17th century. You will also see sculptures, antiquities, traditional furniture, ship models, as well as dollhouses.

The house of Anne Frank

How about being in Anne Frank’s “hiding place”, where she wrote her famous diary during World War II? In a small house on the Jordaan region’s outskirts, two Nazi families lived and hid for two years. The exhibits of the home include the original diary.

The Jordaan neighbourhood

One of Amsterdam’s most artistic neighbourhoods, the Jordaan, was once the city’s “ghetto”, inhabited only by immigrants and poor workers. When in recent decades it was decided by the authorities not to demolish the district, but to highlight its special character, artists, students and the bohemian community of the city gathered here, creating a vibrant neighborhood, full of beautiful cafes, shops and galleries, in all streets connecting the three main canals of the area.

The Begijnhof

A narrow passage from the main shopping street Kalverstraat leads to this oasis of peace in the heart of Amsterdam. It is one of the most beautiful courtyards – parks of the city, protected by old buildings – in 34 of the park is located the city’s oldest building. Green, outdoor sculptures, a beautiful church, and the eerie tranquillity intensified by using the complex as a monastery and place of hospitality for women compose a small medieval surprise in the city centre.

The Garden of Europe

The famous Keukenhof Gardens are a small paradise… or rather a big paradise, as it is on the list of the world’s most extensive gardens. Also known as the “Garden of Europe” is a garden that includes over 7 million flowers and more than 800 species of tulips in a vast area of ​​32 hectares (79 acres). More than 700,000 people visit it all year round and admire its millions of flowering narcissus, hyacinths and tulips. The garden is open to the public from mid-March to mid-May.

Amsterdam is a fantastic city with dozens of options to visit. It is also a relatively large city – as much as it does not give this feeling – which you should experience while driving your car. A car in this city will easily take you to all the places you wish to visit, saving valuable time from your visit and allowing you to see its many exciting surroundings. If you still do not own a vehicle, you can choose a rental car from Enjoy Travel, which offers you a massive range of vehicles for every budget.

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