Moon Phases, Love & Relationships: Can Different Phases Of The Moon Affect Your Love Life?

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If you read your “My Daily Horoscope” religiously, you may have noticed a pattern when it comes to your love life. This pattern is likely no coincidence and may, in fact, be influenced by the eight phases of the moon.

Each phase of the moon sparks changes in the types and levels of energy on the Earth’s surface. Among other things, these changes can influence one’s behavior and how he or she interacts with romantic or potential partners. If you notice that your moods align with the phases of the moon, you may find greater success in the love department if you take time to understand the eight phases and energies associated with each.

1.    The New Moon

The new moon is the stage in which the moon seems to disappear behind Earth’s shadow. In astrology, it symbolizes new beginnings and growth. During this time, you may become more contemplative and seek out alone time. Don’t resist your urges, as you should use this time to reflect on your life and goals and rebuild your energy.

2.    Waxing Crescent Moon

When the moon becomes just a small fingernail in the sky, take steps to make your goals and visions for the future a reality. Make a to-do list, create a vision board or identify the traits you want in an ideal partner. If you struggle to gain mental clarity, schedule an appointment with California Psychics, who can point you in the right direction.

3.    First Quarter-Moon

In this stage, the moon continues to grow into her full, glorious self. You should do the same. If you want to find love, use this phase to sign up for online dating or hit the social scene. If you already found love, now is the time to address weighty issues, such as moving in together, getting married, having children or going away together.

4.    Waxing Gibbous Moon

This moon, which looks somewhat like a pregnant bellow, appears about 10 to 13 days after the new moon. You may find that during this time, reality looks somewhat different than your expectations. Don’t get discouraged. Rather, practice patience and flexibility to fully enjoy your experiences.

5.    Full Moon

The period of the full moon, which encompasses the three days leading up to and following the full moon, is one of celebration. Whether partnered or not, take these seven days to do things you love most or have always wanted to do, such as participating in psychic readings.

6.     Waning Gibbous Moon

During this phase, invite your friends and loved ones to celebrate life. Get together and discuss all you did during the full moon period. Share what you learned, support those in need and make a special meal for a special someone.

7.    Third-Quarter Moon

As the moon wanes, you may feel ruminative and antsy to resolve lingering issues. It’s not uncommon for individuals to feel what Rudyard calls the “crisis of consciousness” during this phase. Use this time to identify things that bother you, resolve internal and external conflicts, and obtain an otherwise clean slate.

8.    Waning Crescent Moon

As the moon says goodbye, get ready for the new moon’s period of reflection. You need this time to recharge your battery so you can offer your full self to friends and loved ones in the coming phases.

While it may not be possible to fully celebrate the eight phases of the moon, knowing them can help guide your actions during each. By honoring the eight phases, you may just get closer to love.

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