Entrepreneur Jerome Gotthier On How To Balance A Busy Work-Life & Personal Life

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Entrepreneur Jerome Gotthier is a well-known real estate developer, investor and crypto enthusiast in Germany’s Munich. He always wanted to be his own boss from his childhood days and earn a lot of money. Jerome has made his dream come true by dedicating his time to understanding the real estate industry, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency. He is the founder of the company, GM Estate.

For Jerome Gotthier, the journey of entrepreneurship has been quite an exciting roller coaster ride. He did many different jobs from the age of 16 to keep the money incoming while also focusing on building his dream. When the entrepreneur was asked if he ever felt like giving up at any stage in his career, he answers, “I never thought of giving up because he who gives up loses. I have always known where I want to go, and giving up is just not an option.”

Jerome Gotthier believes in personal growth as well as guiding others too. He knows that many people are not confident about their investment activities, especially in real estate. Gotthier earns passive income via Cryptocurrency. He aims to guide people in understanding the same. The entrepreneur shares, “I will help other people to participate in my success in the future. I will offer courses with my knowledge; you can participate in my real estate projects. I will distribute tips on cryptocurrencies on platforms like Instagram.”

Despite having a busy career, entrepreneur Jerome Gotthier takes out enough time to have fun in his life. He knows how to strike a balance between work life and personal life. When asked what he loves to do apart from his work, the real estate developer shares, “I like to do sports to compensate for the hard work. So, I try to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week. In summer, I also like to go golfing. Many of my interests are also linked to my work. So, I like to find out every day about the stock and crypto market or new trends and opportunities in the real estate industry. I like to go on holiday and eat well. Other hobbies of mine are sports cars and clocks. Since this is all very expensive, I know every day what I am working hard for.”

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