How drug and alcohol rehab can save the life of someone you love

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Addiction takes a major toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Without intervening in this cyclic destruction, users are more susceptible to a myriad of health problems and premature death. Here we discuss how drug and alcohol recovery programs not only curb addiction but ultimately save lives. 

How Drugs Destroy the Person 

Drug use leads to the breakdown of essential systems within the body. We know that taking legal drugs too frequently can cause health problems, so it goes to show that prolonged usage of illegal drugs is deeply problematic. The consumption of certain illegal drugs can be fatal even without prolonged use or damage. Some of the effects include loss of muscle mass and bone density, the onset of osteoporosis, eating disorders and appetite loss, the rerouting of the body’s metabolism, and decreased body fat and weakness. The alterations that drug use has on the metabolism can cause absorption of food and liquid to go haywire, leading to bodyweight issues, no matter the diet consumed. 

Respiratory complications can cause ischemia, a disease of loss of blood to muscles in the heart. The abnormal stream of blood that enters into heart vessels can cause death. Heart issues are not always detectable, increasing the risk of prolonged drug use and threat of developing disease. Brain volume is drastically lost as users continue consuming drugs—cognition, memory, and aging become problematic with prolonged drug use. Increased anxiety, insomnia, and motor coordination dysfunction can also result from brain chemistry changes and damages to the body’s systems. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs 

Any addiction will continue if not treated, and this continuity can lead to dysfunction, disease, and death. Getting your loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab program may be the only chance they have to restore their health. A rehab program can facilitate the proper detox protocols needed to eliminate harmful chemicals and alcohol from the body. The user will be coached to help them stay on track as their body continues healing. If one of your ultimate goals in life right now is to stay sober, visit site here to find out how we can help you achieve that goal of yours.

How Alcohol Destroys the Person 

Alcohol is not immune to causing major health problems if abused. The neurological aspects of the mind can interfere with the normal functioning of mood, behavior, and personality, altering a person’s state of mind, and their ability to concentrate and think with clarity. These issues can lead to Korsakoff’s syndrome, a major disorder of the brain that inhibits brain composition. Beyond motor coordination loss, any heart damage can cause alcoholic cardiomyopathy, which weakens the heart muscles in response to frequent drinking. The risks of heart failure increase with this disease and symptoms are not always apparent. Strokes are also a risk factor from excessive alcohol consumption, as is liver failure, and the dysfunction of the spleen and kidneys. 

Addiction is not something to take on alone. We highly encourage anyone struggling with substance abuse and addiction to get help right away. Don’t wait another day. Get your loved one help now.

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