How Justin Kimbrough Aims to Save the Environment through His Business Ventures

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Earth has seen better days; the slow dying of the earth is mostly thanks to human interference. This has led to a global outcry as many people young and old are calling for humanity to abandon our ignorance and stop being complicit in the destruction of our home, planet earth.

One of the most vocal and dedicated people in this cause is Justin Kimbrough, serial entrepreneur, pro golfer, and environmentalist. Even as he pursues his dreams, he acknowledges the need for people to come together to help save the planet.

Through his business ventures, Kimbrough is set on ensuring that he does the best he can to help reduce man-made pollution and encourage the use of sustainable energy.

As a celebrated entrepreneur, Justin has a platform where he spreads awareness on the current state of the planet and how we can help save our home. Having time-freedom, Kimbrough is able to spare time to help other people and advance his ‘Save Our Planet’ initiative.

According to Kimbrough, the biggest challenge for the planet right now is the unwillingness of people to start making better choices. More people need to be actively involved in trying to save the planet and repair the damage we have caused.

Justin’s company, Save Our Earth, is producing eco-friendly products like non-fragrant, alcohol-free hand sanitizers. He is even doling out some of them for free. Every purchase made from his company translates to them planting 3 trees, and collecting waste from oceans and landfills to convert into sustainable energy through solar ponds.

As his biggest project yet, Justin is thrilled about this technology due to its efficiency and the opportunity it provides to begin the healing process of Mother Earth. Through his businesses, Kimbrough is positive that he’ll be able to protect endangered species and ultimately save the planet.

Justin’s entrepreneurial journey has not been an overnight success; however, he is glad he followed the path as it allows him the freedom to be innovative. Now his own boss at a young age, Justin is consistently helping people in need and championing others to come together and help clear landfills and toxic waste from the oceans, and save the planet from any further damage.

Through his efforts, more people are now aware of what’s happening around them and how they can take steps to help speed up the repair of the earth. It is high time to wake up to reality and begin doing something about the state of the planet.

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