Social Media Legend at Just 15 Years Old – Who Is Aidan Ranzieri?

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Maybe you have heard of Aidan Ranzieri. If not, don’t worry, because you soon will. Aidan Ranzieri is one of the hottest names in the TikTok and social media game at only fifteen years old. So, we thought we would tell you a bit about him, just so we could have dibs on being the first to bring him to your attention.

Ranzieri is a young man with a truly remarkable story. Born in Napperville, Illinois in 2005, Ranzieri discovered his passion for sports and athletics early on in life. With the spirit of a true champion, he then spent the next several years of his youth dedicating himself to the various sports he enjoyed, often accomplishing great things as a sportsman. And yet, something was amiss. As he grew up, Ranzieri noticed a proclivity for social media and content creation. He took a deep interest in the digital world, and at only 13 years old, he launched his very own ecommerce dropshipping business. While the enterprise itself failed soon after, it lit a fire in the young Ranzieri that would not be put out.

He followed up by co-founding his own fitness brand, Achedaway, in 2018, which then took off to great success. It was here that Ranzieri first began collaborating with influencers and entrepreneurs and discovered a liking for this sort of thing. A year later, this prompted him to try his own luck at building a social media presence. He took to TikTok, where his videos rapidly grew in popularity, amassing tens of millions of views, as well as a dedicated following. That, together with his business connections and network of entrepreneurs helped push him further along this path. 

Emboldened by his TikTok success, Ranzieri launched another business in 2020, this time solely his. His company, Next Level Growth Agency, targets influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners of all kinds, looking to build their brand and expand their authority. Demonstrating a great flair for this kind of market, Ranzieri rapidly became one of the most sought-after social media experts, in spite of his young age.

Through this, he continued building his own social media presence, and working on improving his own status. Because after all, what better calling card then the success you yourself enjoy? 

While some people may be impressed by Ranzieri for becoming such a social media presence in such a short time (he amassed over 500k followers in little under two weeks), we would say that is not what is most impressive about him. No doubt, it is a great accomplishment to become so famous so young, but to manage to hold on to and build on that fame, that is the mark of true skill. 

Although hugely popular both as a brand builder and as an influencer himself, Ranzieri keeps a cool and laid-back profile. Intent on learning rather than settling down with what he knows already, this young man is rapidly heading for immense success, and, in our opinion, true social media history. 

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