“Self-employment is very much personal”, says Naman Arora on pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur

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As the popular saying goes, “There’s ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”; it simply means one cannot get something simply for nothing. While many believe that gaining success is all about working passionately and dedicatedly, it is also true that success is all about identifying and knowing what you are best at. Naman Arora, a young and talented entrepreneur became an entrepreneur only after he quit his job and zeroed down what he was best at. Social media and mastery in the digital world saw Arora fly high and transform his dreams into reality.

After giving his blood and sweat for almost 15-16 hours a day, Naman realized his true calling of becoming a bossman. Rather than waiting for weekends and holidays, he consistently worked to overpower his job by the side hustles. Right after completing the job after office hours, Naman did a variety of side hustles to build an income for his venture. The young lad succeeded in doing so as he finally bid adieu to the corporate life and entered into the world of entrepreneurship. With a leap of faith, Naman Arora incorporated ‘Data Art Information Technology’, a leading social media and digital agency.

The company offers several services including social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis and various other digital services. However, starting a venture of his own was not a cakewalk. Naman says, “In a corporate work setup, you have a fixed income, whereas when you own a business, your income depends on the kind of work you do. I felt that it was a need to step out of the monotonous job and do something where I get paid every day.” Looking back, the entrepreneur feels that quitting the corporate work life was indeed the best decision he could ever make.

This one thing fascinated Arora that saw him start ‘Data Art Information Technology’. The digital company is known for creating custom software for clients to help them give a free-flow of communication with the end-users. Besides this, Naman Arora feels that self-employment is very much personal as it boosts personal growth. “In a corporate job, stagnancy hits after a point of time as your independence is restricted”, added Naman. Being a bossman today, Naman Arora is rightly serving his clients by providing the best services, and in return, he has won the trust of his clients from all over India and across the borders.

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