Discover These Modern Kitchen Styles

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Your cabinets influence the entire kitchen: classy, sleek, or modern. You can produce a timeless appearance, a cottage feel, or many other styles, all through utilizing different cabinets. Various colors, materials, and shelving options can quickly convert your kitchen from dated and stuffy to modern. If you are looking to modernize your space,  check out these contemporary options.

A Minimalist Model

Talk about a modern style: check out the hands-free cabinet. Incorporating little hardware to distract you, the long, fresh lines of these modern kitchen cabinets come into focus. Many of these models have touch-release capability, concealed handles, and barely visible exterior hardware. Many modern kitchens strive for subtle sophistication, and hands-free cabinets can help you reach this goal. 

Two-Toned Cabinets

If you are considering a renovation that can bring a subdued feel to the kitchen, consider two-toned cabinets. The contrast that is created between two different shades can be exploited in various ways. Try silky, black upper cabinetry combined with soothing gray kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchens can infuse these combinations or others that you come up with, resulting in a classy current feel.

Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquered cabinets are the pinnacle of the modern look. They are sleek, glossy, and polished, giving off a feeling of classiness and indulgence. When paired with certain color choices, this cabinetry finish can provide a fresh and clean look to your space. Lacquer can also supply a robust, scratch-resistant surface that will not discolor as quickly as other finishes. You can reapply lacquer if it starts to get discolored or its luster fades. 

Hardwood Cabinets

Hardwood cabinets, especially oak and walnut, are gaining popularity in the modern kitchen. Each has its understated appeal, and they both match well with various kitchen layouts and styles. Some kitchens today can be cold and unemotional, and natural wood cabinetry can help. Walnut is known for its lavish and rich tones. It is an exceptionally tough, resilient wood that not only looks attractive but will last for decades. Oak has a remarkable depth of shade and complex texture. Many contemporary remodels will match oak cabinets with hardwood flooring, light backsplashes, and dark countertops. With so many choices in hardwood cabinets, you can include them in any contemporary kitchen. 

Modern Marble

 Marble has been used in homes expansively, but only recently has it been energizing up the modern kitchen. Contemporary cabinets, joined with marble accents and countertops, are bringing luxury and innovation to many homes. Choose your cabinet color and marble can help complete the vision you are trying to achieve. This material is versatile and can be incorporated into islands and other parts of the kitchen to contrast cabinetry. Marble comes in different shades, as well, and designers can experiment with different tones to pair kitchen cabinet colors and styles.


The modern kitchen is always evolving and morphing, meshing timeless ideas with new combinations. First, find a quality cabinet at a website like Walcraft Cabinetry ( to start your modernization. You will soon be on your way to the contemporary kitchen of your dreams.

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