Fashion Nova’s Giveaways And How They Keep Customers Connected

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Fashion Nova is one of the leading fast-fashion companies in the world, with millions of people purchasing their products monthly. However, the company didn’t start this way. The founder and CEO, Richard Saghian, launched the company in 2006, selling affordable clubwear to ladies in Los Angeles. He never understood or supported the concept of buying clothes at expensive prices. Back then, Fashion Nova only had a few thousand customers shopping in its store.

Because Richard Saghian ran the store in Panorama City, he was able to communicate directly with his customers to understand what they wanted. This played a big role as the company scaled. Initially, the goal was to open 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the US. However, this goal quickly changed when Richard discovered that people were buying clothes at his store only to resell them online at expensive prices.

Richard Saghian decided to take to the online space to sell his products. Little did he know that he was going to dominate the online world and have millions of customers shopping from the site in only a few years. In 2013, he interacted with existing customers, collecting pictures of them dressed in Fashion Nova outfits and uploading them to the company’s Instagram page. People loved the products and many started following the Instagram page. Who wouldn’t like new, affordable clothes that also look good?

When Fashion Nova’s Instagram page hit 60k followers, Saghian decided it was time to launch the online store. Upon doing so, it completely sold out over just one weekend. This feat wouldn’t have been possible if Saghian wasn’t interacting with the customers as he ran the Instagram page. By publishing his customers’ photos and linking to their Instagram accounts, he developed a loyal customer base and strong social proof.

Now, Fashion Nova does so much more to keep its customers connected. Although their fashion items remain affordable, they don’t rely on their attractive pricing as the only means of retaining customers.

Let’s take a look at what Fashion Nova is doing to keep customers connected today.

How Fashion Nova is Keeping Customers Connected

Fashion Nova Giveaways

To increase brand awareness and encourage customers to visit the Instagram page regularly,  Fashion Nova hosts regular giveaways. Typically, these giveaways are seasonal and occur around the winter holiday season and the New Year. Sometimes, they even extend into the new year as well.

For example, Fashion Nova organized a giveaway between 2018 and 2019 on Instagram. To qualify for the prizes, people had to follow their Instagram page and tag some friends on the comment section of certain posts. This contest was open to both existing customers and people who had never shopped on Fashion Nova. By having the contest open to everyone, they were able to grow their Instagram followers and showcase their products to new people. They were also able to keep existing customers on their toes, hoping to be winners.

The prize for this giveaway included AirPods, a gift card, a Sony camera, a Macbook Air laptop, and an iPhone.

The winner was selected randomly from the participants, as long as they followed the rules of the game.

Another Fashion Nova giveaway was organized on December 27, 2019. The participants of this giveaway were able to win a $500 Fashion Nova gift card. The rule was to follow the Fashion Nova Twitter page and retweet the tweet they made about the giveaway. By the end of the contest, the tweet had over 2,500 retweets!

Fashion Nova is expected to hold another giveaway soon, bringing more people together to participate on its page.

How Fashion Nova Keeps Customers Connected Using Instagram

Initially, the only way Fashion Nova was able to connect to customers was through Instagram. Since 2013, when the online store was launched, Instagram has been a great tool for Fashion Nova to connect to its customers, find out what they want, and let them know what the company is planning.

Here is how Fashion Nova connects with the customers on Instagram:

Nova Babes:

This is a hashtag for ladies who wear Fashion Nova outfits on Instagram. It’s used to keep the community active on the social media platform. After customers shop from the website, they can wear their new outfits and upload them on Instagram, along with the hashtag.

Fashion Nova then displays these customers’ pictures on their Instagram page and tags them. In the caption, they include a short guideline that others could follow to be featured on their page.

By featuring Nova Babes on their Instagram page, Fashion Nova encourages more customers to shop and upload their pictures for a chance to be seen by over 20 million people. The accounts being featured are also getting massive exposure, so it’s a win-win situation.


Fashion Nova prides itself on being an all-inclusive brand.

By displaying women of all races and sizes, Fashion Nova encourages more people to engage with the brand. Because of the inclusivity, customers are more likely to see representation and support what they see – or recommend it to their friends and relatives.


Fashion Nova has consistently developed new and innovative ways to pull customers in and build brand loyalty. Initially, they started with Instagram engagement, and now, they give discounts and host various giveaways to help customers and keep them connected to the brand.

In April 2020, Fashion Nova partnered with Cardi B to give $1 million to 1,000 people who were struggling due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. They also donated money to other causes, such as programs and initiatives to end racism. These acts not only do a lot of good for those in need, but also give people an extra reason to feel good about supporting the brand. 

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