Is Counting Calories Or Counting Macros Better?

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For many people who want to lose weight, there are many factors that you must consider, one of the biggest being your diet. There are other things that a person can do to achieve their desired weight, such as engaging in regular exercises or joining a gym with a fitness coach. Your exercise routine must however work hand in hand if you wish to see results.

Maintaining a healthy diet for weight loss

Down through the years there are various ways that people have altered their diet so as to lose weight. For instance, people have engaged in diets such as the South Beach diet or the Mediterranean diet which involves paying attention to particular types of foods to achieve your goals. Another popular method has been utilizing food delivery services such as nutrisystem, which are tailor made to ensure a person eats exactly what they need to achieve their weight loss targets. All these methods have one thing in common, they keep track of the calories.

Keeping track of calories

Experts all over explain that for a person to lose weight they must burn more calories than they take in. This is the reason why an athlete for instance would require a bigger meal as compared to a person who works at an office. To achieve weight loss, therefore you must maintain a calorie deficit i.e. burn more than you take in. This will even allow your body to utilize some of the stored up energy in your body in the form of fat.

To ensure that this calorie deficit is maintained, it is thus important to keep track of the calories produced based on the food you intake. Different amounts of energy are produced for carbohydrates, protein and fat, and hence it is helpful to keep track and count to help you stay within your limits.

Counting macros

While keeping track of your calorie intake is beneficial for you to achieve your weight loss goals, counting macros as well is advisable and may be more helpful for you. we however know you may be wondering, what are macros anyway? Worry not, as we will catch you up to speed below.

Macros, or macronutrients in full, describe the nutrients which we obtain from the major food groups which include carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fats. As such, calorie counting will help you keep track of the energy produced, while counting macros will create visibility onto the nutritional value which you are obtaining from each of the groups.

Advantages of macro counting

With macro counting, you will be able to actually ascertain the quality of the food you are taking, as it will help you determine that you are getting enough of what your body needs. Doing so will help you ensure that you have a balanced diet, which is essential for health.

So is counting calories or counting macros better?

We believe it is best to do both. Calorie counting will help you either maintain or lose some weight while macro counting will help you achieve an overall balanced and quality diet. 

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