Smart Tips to Easily Spot a Fake Autograph

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Autographs are amongst the best alternative investment avenues. They not only add to the pride but also offer a feeling of accomplishment. The collection of autographs can be from famous film stars, cricketers, renowned musicians, politicians, etc.  

Getting hold of a genuine collectible can be quite challenging in today’s scenario, especially when the internet is rigged with countless fraudulent autographs. Finding authentic autographs for sale can be a tough task, but with a reliable company, you can keep your worry at bay. 

Before you proceed shopping for one, here is some expert advice to get started.

Stay Clear Of Stamped Signatures 

Mechanically reproduced fake autographs are available in plenty these days. Run your thumb over them to find the genuineness. A flat one could be a facsimile. You can also try feeling the ink’s texture on the paper to ensure that it is not a counterfeit. However, keep in mind that this technique will not work on fabrics, but only on paper autographs. 

The Light Test Really Works 

The easiest way to distinguish between a genuine and a fake one is to spot the gradient of the ink by holding it up to the light. If it is too light, consider it a caution sign. 

Now, considering the appreciating value of such items, do not skip any of these steps to repent later. However, if you do get embroiled in a legal matter with some company trying to dupe you, know the cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer beforehand.  

Have A Close Look At The Signature   

Check carefully what you see. A stamped-on autograph has more ink on the edges rather than in the middle. A magnifying glass can be of great help while conducting this test. If you notice the ink is unusually smooth, it could be a well-printed machine-made autograph. 

Beware Of Autopens 

To perform your check, grab a magnifying glass and look closely. If there are any “bridges” and “tunnels” visible, then you need not worry. It is 100% authentic as the pen’s nib has cut through the wet ink, thereby, making such lacerations. However, several companies use machines called ‘autopen’ to duplicate the autographs. So, you need to be careful while checking. 

Look Out For Robotic Signs 

While making a signature, most people write it in one continuous movement. Moreover, the direction of the writing is usually towards the edge of the page and does not seem like ending abruptly. Therefore, if the autograph appears to be unusually “shaky”, it can be the work of a machine.  Additionally, robotic wobbles can be the cause of vibrations in the machine or slippage. 


After all, autographs are not just valuable collectibles. They speak volumes of the signing individual and echo the history of its time. In case, you are still wondering why to invest in autographs, let us just say they can be auctioned thus, fetching you a handsome sum. They are of course a prized possession too for fans.  

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