Internet, the Matchmaker: 1 in 6 Couples Who Marry Meet on the Internet

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Meeting people online has become quite popular in recent times. In fact, this is the way couples connect. Studies have shown that 1 out of 6 people who marry meet their partners online. 

Algorithms and not family or friends are the go-to matchmaker for anyone who is looking for love. According to a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it has been found that heterosexual couples have a greater chance of meeting their romantic partner over the internet than through personal connections or contacts. In previous times, people met their prospective partner through family, in their neighborhood, or through friends. 

Internet match-making is not just prevalent but also a little more successful than offline dating when it comes to producing satisfying and stable long-term marriage partners. 

Here are a few reasons why internet matchmaking is more successful. 

1. Compatibility Algorithms

Dating companies tend to argue that the algorithms that they design enable the users to move past undesirable matches and find out the ones that are most suitable for them. It enables them to meet Latin girls in USA and have dates to have fun before they jump into commitment. 

When it comes to internet matchmaking, you have to fill up a long psychological questionnaire where some questions are based on established personality scales. The primary idea to use a reliable testing method to identify the ideal partners is quite seductive. In terms of attitudes, values, and beliefs, research has shown that long-term couples are more like each other in comparison to random strangers. It is called the similarity hypothesis. Similarities do not lead to relationship satisfaction. But algorithms are more likely to introduce you to a partner you might consider marrying. 

2. More choices

As discussed in the last post, conventional dating is based on physical proximity with people choosing partners with whom they would like to associate within their daily life like school or work. The offline partner choices are restrictive. When it comes to real life, you usually encounter a small number of people to choose from. Moreover, the diversity of the partners is quite limited. This can be a big problem for someone who is looking for a love partner in their later life when the social circles consist mainly of other couples. 

With online dating, the choice of partners substantially increases. It allows singles to connect with more people. It can be said that you can make an informed choice when it comes to choosing your life partner with internet match matching as they have diverse options. Instead of opting for anyone who is available close to them, they tend to be more selective and recognize prospective partners who cater to their specific criteria. 

Reasons That Led to this Shift in How to Meet Their Life-Partner

There are two main technological innovations that have led to the success of online dating. The first is the introduction of the World Wide Web in the year 1995 and the second is the rise in Smartphones. 

There used to be a trickle of online dating in the earlier text-based bulletin board system before 1995 but the web put search and pictures at the forefront of the internet. Search and pictures had added to the experience of internet dating. Moreover, the increase in the use of Smartphones has taken internet matchmaking to a new level. People can now look for their prospective partner anytime anywhere. 

Matchmaking sites have large advantages of scale. Even if a majority of the people in the pool aren’t your type, the large number of choices make it likely that you’ll find someone you like and would like to commit to. 

However, since you are spending more time online, it does not really mean that you are less social. When it comes to people looking for their match, online dating technology is the only good thing. It appears that is the basic human need to look for someone else to partner with. Since technology is helpful, it is really something useful. 

The reduction in people meeting partners through friends or family is not a sign that people do not require their family anymore. It just shows that their romantic partnership is making its place in their life. 

Studies have shown that the success of a relationship does not really depend on whether people have met online or not. Ultimately, it does not really matter the way you met your partner. The relationship is going to make its own way after the initial meeting. 

The landscape of matchmaking is another aspect of our life that is being impacted by technology. With online dating and matchmaking, marriage relationships have started blooming naturally. Online is a great way to get to know someone.

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