Rehabilitation with a Difference at ORO House Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

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There are various causes in life due to which an individual may get addicted to substance abuse. For example. Genetic or hereditary factors, anxiety, depression, trauma or stress, economic or social factors, and using drugs or addiction towards prescribed medicines. Sometimes a combination of several factors can lead to addiction.

The most important step is to identify the root cause of addiction and then prescribe a process of treatment based on the same. Different individuals may have entirely different reasons for getting addicted, and the treatment needs to be customized to suit each one instead of generic treatment.

Oro House Malibu Addiction Treatment Center provides treatment in an unconventional way for the below conditions:

Patients are treated with dignity and kindness to help them regain their confidence and self-respect. There is no coercive method or use of force to change their behavior. The recovery programs consist of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days or longer terms based on the requirement from a case-to-case basis.

The centers are located at Malibu and Los Angeles in California. The residential facilities are luxurious, and the centers provide a view of the ocean in Malibu.

In-patient treatment process 

  • For most patients, in the initial stage, there is a detox program for effectively overcoming withdrawal symptoms.
  • There is continuous medical supervision to check the levels of progress as the withdrawal process is very crucial. The symptoms can be both dangerous and uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Post detox, the next step consists of a customized treatment process as per the needs of different patients. At this stage, the patient is medically stable as there is no further consumption of substances.
  • In case the patient has health insurance, he can determine the expenses during the in-patient treatment in advance.
  • Availability of luxury treatment package for professionals who are accustomed to high-end amenities.
  • A treatment program suitable for young adults who require care and nurturing to face the challenges of life and become addiction-free.

What is Special about Oro House Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

The amenities are designed to provide a feeling of home with some additional features. These include:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Organic meals available throughout the week
  • Barbeque area outside the rooms
  • Housekeeping services
  • Gym facilities
  • TVs inside rooms

You can relax at the beautiful sea beaches of South California or volunteer for social activities within the nearby locations. There are also a variety of wellness programs to choose from – Reiki and massage, yoga and meditation, horse riding, hiking expeditions, or surfing.

The ORO philosophy is to help individuals return to their normal, active life with dignity and confidence after going through the customized treatment process. Their Alumni program provides the opportunity for those who have completed their rehab to interact and share their experiences and also to guide the new members on their path to recovery.

You may enroll in the rehab program for yourself or your loved one in an environment that would offer safety, comfort, privacy, and above all, a beautiful and peaceful surrounding.


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