Ways Session Recording Can Improve Your Website

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As of 2021, there are well over 1.83 websites on the internet. Hundreds of thousands more are added to the number each day.

With that much competition for visitors, attracting visitors to your site is easier said than done. A staggering 91 percent of all content on the internet receives zero traffic from Google. So how can you keep your content in the 9 percent that does?

Improving user experience (UX) is easily the best way to keep visitors attracted and glued to your website. And when it comes to your UX toolbox, session recording is one of your go-to tools.

But what exactly is session recording, and how can it help you improve your business website? This session recording guide answers these questions.

What Is Session Recording?

Session recording refers to a qualitative research tool that records the browsing sessions of your website visitors. You can then use this information to gain deep behavioral insights.

Marketers use session recording to understand users’ journeys on the business website, from clicks to scrolls to mouse movements. With session recording, it’s easy to carefully assess and study your website visitors’ entire browsing behavior, discover experience breakage, and identify friction areas. This makes it possible to optimize UX and boost conversion rates.

Things You Can See With Session Recording?

Session recording software shows everything that a visitor to your website sees in their browser. This information helps you to know how users are navigating through the website. The data you’ll collect include:

Mouse Movement, Scrolling, and Clicks 

Every user session recording displays mouse movement, scrolls, and clicks in real-time. However, you have the option to slow down or speed up the video you’re watching. Movement is typically displayed as red lines on the screen to make it easier for you to spot patterns.

You can replay scrolls and taps both on desktop and mobile.

Page Views

Session recording also helps you see when a user refreshes a page or navigates to a new page. Thus, you can view a user’s journey across multiple pages without interruption.

Keyboard Strokes

Session recording also tracks keystroke data. However, this happens only in limited cases and if you’ve authorized certain fields. Ideally, a trustworthy recording session tool should automatically anonymize identifiable information, such as the data a user inputs in a credit card field.

How Does Session Recording Help Your Business Website?

Session recording is one of the powerful qualitative research methods that give you an accurate picture of how your website is performing. Session recording helps you know what’s happening on your website and exactly why it’s happening.

In this section, we take a closer look at some of the session recording benefits that your business stands to enjoy.

You Get to Map Your Site Visitors’ Journey

A key functionality of session recording is that it makes it possible to map a visitor’s entire journey on your business website, from the time they land on it to when they exit it. Session recording captures all aspects of how a visitor interacts with your website, helping you understand and analyze their behavior in a more detailed and nuanced manner.

Business owners and marketers can empathize with users as they view in raw form the elements that attract them and those that throw them off. You get to have first-hand experience of everything your visitors experience whenever they visit your website.

It Helps You Identify Friction Areas in Your Funnel

Because session recording captures the entire journey of users on your website, you can use this information to identify any friction areas on your site. Essentially, you can see areas that make visitors bounce off, rage clicks, and elements of your site that are misleading or confusing to users.

Marketers can also discover problem areas in forms, such as fields that take more time to be filled. Moreover, marketers can see which fields in your forms cause users to drop off or if your CTA isn’t as compelling as you want it to be.

Session Recording Helps You Derive Reasons for Your Metrics

Perhaps you’re experiencing high bounce rates or low conversions. Or maybe most of your visitors seem distracted from your primary CTA. Many qualitative research tools may reveal where your metrics stand but won’t offer any explanations for these metrics.

With session recording, you don’t just get to see the numbers, but you can decipher what is behind these numbers. For instance, you get to know why you’re experiencing such a high bounce rate or why most of your visitors aren’t submitting the lead generation forms provided.

By identifying the driving factor behind your metrics, you can start to fix leaks in the conversion funnel.

Boost Your Site’s Conversions

Session recording software generally allows you to filter user sessions based on specific user behavior, geographical location, certain events, and so on. You get to see which problems visitors from specific segments face. This way, you can come up with segment-specific solutions.

By knowing where your sales are lacking and which section of your conversion funnel is experiencing the most drop-offs, you can develop a funnel that will convert better.

You Get to Enhance the Quality of Your Support 

The quality of your support plays a big role in how happy your customers are with your product. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced digital world, countless things can go wrong quickly. Without historical context around the problem, it’s difficult for support executives to provide an effective solution.

When you integrate session recording software with your customer support system, it’s easy for your customer support team to step into your customer’s shoes. Your customer support can co-browse with your website users and see what your customers see. They can see what your visitors claim to have done on your site versus what they actually did.

With all this information, it’s easier for your customer support team to find practical solutions as quickly as possible.

Boost Your Business Website With Session Recording

Session recording is one of the most potent weapons in your UX arsenal. With session recording, you can accurately see how people are navigating through your business website and gather the insight you need to fix user experience and enhance conversions.

Would you like to read more great content on website data collection? Please keep visiting our blog.

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