Why I Will Always Love Manhattan

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There is no denying that Manhattan being densely populated amongst the five boroughs of New York City. It is also the borough that attracts a huge number of tourists annually. Manhattan has rich and diverse cultures, is highly developed and with enormous towns, villages, and opportunities worth exploring. It also has an array of elegant Airbnb’s. Book your space in an Airbnb New York midtown and get ready to enjoy what the city has to offer. Below are some of the top reasons why I love visiting Manhattan.

Famous Architectural Designs

The Empire state building which was voted American’s Favourite Architecture by a group of American Architects is situated in Midtown Manhattan. Not only is it a Landmark but it is also a great tourist building. It is always intriguing to go to the top of this 102- story building to get a great view of Manhattan and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Also, there are numerous skyscrapers in Manhattan, which makes it so beautiful and inviting. Time square is also the most famous spot to visit, packed with tons of billboards with racks in a huge amount of advertisement revenue annually. Rockefeller Center is a must-see for any tourist, the Landmark building hosts the famous NBC studios among other famous restaurants and top-notch boutiques. It is from the Rockefeller center that one gets a great feeling about the city.

Diverse and Rich Culture

Manhattan has more than 40 different neighborhoods, which are intriguing to explore and learn more about the culture, food, and people living in Manhattan, New York. There are great neighborhoods like Korea town, Little Italy, China Town, and little Tokyo which provide rich Korean, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese cultures. It is possible to learn about different cultures and their food in Manhattan without actually going To China, Japan, or Italy. 

Hell’s kitchen among other hidden food locations provides great tastes worth every dollar. The most amazing part about exploring these neighborhoods is the ease of getting a place to rent for the rest of the time you will be staying in Manhattan, depending on any neighborhood you are comfortable staying in, security, food, and logistics are well guaranteed. Airbnb provides great and affordable options to pick from, you can never struggle to find a budget-friendly Airbnb apartment in Manhattan.

Historical Knowledge

Manhattan is not only rich in culture but also historical knowledge of the LGBT community and black resistance movements. Stonewall is a resourceful place to study the struggle for LGBT rights while Harlem has a lot of information about African-American culture. For anyone interested in learning historical struggles Manhattan is a good place to start.

Economic Galore

Apart from the skyscrapers, famous parks like central park among other iconic places. Manhattan is the host to wall street, and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), for financial enthusiasts, this is a great place for you. The city provides enormous financial opportunities to learn from and it is highly recommended for business people to pay a visit to Manhattan.

Whether you’re traveling to Manhattan on a budget or you have the willpower; every dollar spent will be of great value to you. You will explore cultures of different ethnicities, food, clothing among the iconic architectural wonders and art. If you will have some cash left, you can get a ticket to a Broadway show or any other famous theatre in Manhattan like Apollo theatre. Manhattan is the best place to get value for every dime, this is why I will always love Manhattan.

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