The right way and wrong way to grow your brand on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms around today. To enhance a brands’ growth, one must grow a big following. There are various ways to generate more followers online. Instagress clones are more common on this platform. It is advisable to grow followers in the right way. That way, you achieve more engagement with your audience. Most Instagram users build loyalty with the brand. Ensure that your brand is noticeable.

Growing your brand, the right way on Instagram

1. Use analytic tools available online

Many tools and service providers available on Instagram can help you to generate organic followers. Start by upgrading your Instagram profile to a business profile. The feature enables you to use business tools that can help businesses track data. Brands can enhance engagement with their audience through such tools. It is also possible to expand your target niche, monitor likes, and comments. You also get to review impressions; which is crucial in growing your brand.

2.    Instagram theme profile

Having a good theme enhances the experience of your audience. It also creates a user expectation which if met, will help you to grow your brand fast. Consider the following when identifying a theme:

·         Consistency in the pattern, font, and color theme

·         Saliency especially creating borders

·         Incorporate checkerboard style

3. Audience engagement

There are various ways to engage your audience online. Sharing photos, videos, and Instagram stories will help you to engage more with your followers. The relevance of your posts and to the right audience will make it easier to engage with your followers. You may also endorse influencers for more followers. Remember to use the right hashtags and pick an appropriate location for the content that you post.

Growing your brand, the wrong way on Instagram

Some people will use whichever method there is to grow their Instagram brand. Doing so may lead to a loss of credibility. It may also make it harder to engage the audience, an aspect that is important in growing organic followers.

Here are some of the wrong ways to grow an Instagram brand:

1. Buying engagements and followers

One should focus on real engagements because buying fake followers or engagements may lead to spamming. Instagram is also tech-savvy and can spot fake buy likes, followers, or pay for online engagement. Again, even the audience can identify those fake accounts. Having meaningful engagement with such an audience will also be challenging. The focus on growing a following should also be on retaining the followers. Organic followers will enjoy your content and are more loyal to your brand than fake followers.

2. Being too promotional

You may promote a few things now and then on Instagram. Even if you have been endorsed by various companies to promote their products, as much as possible, avoid being too promotional. If you must promote products constantly, get more creative to avoid being tacky.

As much as possible, avoid the above mistakes when growing your brand. More importantly, ensure that you have fun creating, posting, and marketing your brand. If you do, you will have more fun content and grow more followers.

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